Cory Booker wants to bring more new taxes if he becomes President

Booker: “We Need to Fight for a Just Taxation System. We Also Have to Talk About How to Grow Wealth As Well.”
Newark, NJ — Last Tonight on the debate stage, Cory Booker argued that Democrats need to fight for a just system of taxation, but also need to fight to expand wealth and prosperity to more communities and more Americans.

Booker said, “Well, first of all I think we all agree that we need to bring in a lot more revenue in this country. We actually have a real problem with the tax rates, tax loopholes, tax cheats, and I don’t agree with the wealth tax the way that Elizabeth Warren puts it, but I agree we need to raise the estate tax, we need to tax capital gains as ordinary income, real strategies that will increase revenue. But here’s the challenge. We as Democrats need to fight for a just taxation system. But as I travel around the country, we Democrats also have to talk about how to grow wealth as well.”

Throughout his campaign for president, Cory Booker has advanced a bold agenda that will expand opportunity and extend justice to every American — including those who are being forgotten by Trump and left out of the conversation in this primary.

While running for president, Cory has:
Unveiled a plan to ensure that every community — from cities to rural areas and everywhere in between — are places where real economic opportunity can be found.
Unveiled a plan to cut child poverty by at least two-thirds and create opportunity for individuals and families trying to escape poverty.
Unveiled a labor plan that empowers workers to take collective action, restructures laws to make workplaces fairer and more inclusive, and rebalances our tax system so that everyone pays — and receives — a fair share.
Unveiled a plan to reform college and professional athletics by cracking down on exploitative practices and empowering athletes to leverage their collective power.
Unveiled the most sweeping gun violence prevention proposal ever put forth by a presidential candidate.
Unveiled a plan to confront hate crimes and white supremacy in America.
Unveiled that on day one, he will begin a historic clemency process for an estimated 17,000-plus nonviolent drug offenders serving unjust and excessive sentences.
Unveiled that on day one, he will virtually end the crisis at the border and in detention centers across the country with executive action.
Proposed a $3 trillion plan to combat climate change and create a 100% carbon neutral economy, millions of good-paying jobs, and a guaranteed right to clean air, water, and soil for all Americans.
Unveiled a series of executive actions he will take as president to stop the attacks and roll back the Trump administration’s attacks on women.
Unveiled Baby Bonds, Booker’s proposal to give every American child a savings account at birth that can be used for opportunity-building expenses like college tuition or a down payment on a house.
Proposed the Rise Credit, the most dramatic reimagining and expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit in history.
Proposed the basis of a new Voting Rights Act that would accomplish three major goals: protect the right to vote, make it easier to vote, and expand voting access to those to whom it has been denied.
Unveiled a plan to provide safe, affordable housing for all Americans.
Unveiled a plan to expand access to high-quality, affordable, long-term services and supports.