Councilman Ravi Bhalla under fire for being hired by law firm that did business with Hoboken

Councilman Ravi Bhalla under fire for being hired by law firm that did business with Hoboken. Councilwomen Beth Mason and Theresa Castellano say there’s a conflict of interest. Councilman Peter Cunningham says his colleagues have the facts all wrong.


  1. so why is the council president responding for him? all of the sudden Ravinder is mute when he is on the spotlight. He doesn’t have the balls to answer. What a douche

  2. THANKS, BETH MASON because Herb Klitzner the Town Attorney
    from North Bergen has worked for Chasen Lampirello from Secaucus
    for years. Maybe Herb Klitzner has been breaking the law?
    If so the residents from North Bergen and from Hoboken should
    file a class action demanding their money back from these
    Thanks Beth Mason for your detective work.

  3. Ravi Bhalla addressed and ended the matter in the meeting later.
    Beth Mason tried to take a matter where a colleague landed a prestigious position in the former Governor’s law firm and turn it into something ugly.

    He did nothing wrong in taking employment with Florio Perrucci and didn’t even approve their last bills in the summer. Also Florio, Perrucci is not doing any business anymore with the City of Hoboken.

    Mason says there’s a conflict but there is none. Anyone can take a job when there’s no new business with the City. Mason is lying when she says she doesn’t know when they last held a contract.

    Castellano is lobbying bombs against the Council President in typical Russo Crime Family fashion. All accusation and no fact.

    Ravi Bhalla made ZERO from the city taking a job and Florio Perrucci also made ZERO as a result of hiring Bhalla as a lawyer.

    The prestigious law firm is not pursuing any business in Hoboken now or in the future because they felt hiring a talented young lawyer outweighed any potential business in the city.

    Mason has to put up or shut up and she’s shutting up because her hatchet job blew up in her face.

    MSV and Grafix Avenger were behind that in Hoboken and exposed the political operation before the meeting.

    Too bad for Beth.

  4. Bhalla is a snake. He refuses to answer when he started negotiating to join the firm. Just because he abstained on a vote 2 weeks before announcing he joined the firm doesn’t mean anything. It takes months to join a major law firm as a partner. Ravi Bhalla is a hiding something with his silence.

    • Councilman Bhalla refrained from approving old bills for the work completed early in 2013 in the summer, not two weeks ago lamebrain Bistro.

      He’s not been silent at all. He called out Mason for her “vicious lies” and legal action can be taken against her which would be awesome!

      Mason and her gang of thugs have been defaming people running these political operations usually through the censored and controlled website Hoboken411.

      It would be sweet justice to have it crammed up her ass, legally speaking.

  5. Beth Mason made the statement that Ravi Bhalla was commiting a crime by being involved in a law firm that is also doing business with
    the city.
    If this is the case then Herb Klitzner of North Bergen is also commiting
    a crime then???

    • There’s just one problem. The law firm Florio Perrucci IS NOT doing business with Hoboken. Beth Mason is a pathological liar and thus the problem.

  6. so are you telling me that Bhalla didn’t know he was going to be a partner? so all of the sudden by the grace of God he became a partner? What the hell is going on with these politicians? Why is the idiot of the Council President saying that everyone has their facts wrong? The cover up is so freaking obvious!

    • Yes, Councilman Bhalla absolutely knew and considered joining the firm and that’s why last summer he recused himself from approving old bills by the firm before joining.

      Duh! You’re a bleepin idiot.

  7. Beth Mason and Her Husband #RICHARDMASON tried to hire Howard Safir a friend of Richard Mason’s as proven by his escorting into the chambers!

  8. When did #RickyMason meet Howard Safir of Safir Alvarez?
    Why did Richard Mason escort the partners into the council chambers? Why did Beth Mason (his wife) ferociously argue to hire Ricky Mason’s “acquaintance” ?

    To Quote the sleazy Bonnie and Clyde team AKA Beth and Ricky, “the public has the right to know”

  9. When did Bhalla begin his negotiations? It is a simple question that he just won’t answer. He abstained on one vote of many that took place two weeks before he joined the firm. It takes longer than two weeks to become a school teacher let alone a partner at a major law firm. Bhalla’s silence is putrid.

    • It doesn’t matter when the councilman entertained joining the firm. It only matters what he did AFTER he became an employee.

      Ravi Bhalla accepted a job with a law firm and didn’t approve their bills from last winter this past SUMMER.


      The law firm Florio, Perrucci will not be doing business with Hoboken in the future.

      That’s the end of it. Other than the blasphemy we get from Beth Mason on a regular basis.

      Now did Beth Mason get back all the excessive illegal donations to the Nazi Truck Move Forward campaign?

      There was a legal memo CONCLUDING EXACTLY THAT!

    • Beth Mason was behind the Nazi Truck. Her long time political operative FinBoy orchestrated it. The Nazi Truck featured a Nazi swastika flashing all over Hoboken with Beth Mason’s Hoboken411 fascist editor Perry fishing the flag out of a urinal.

      Both local rabbis requested an apology but Beth Mason doesn’t do apologies.