Count Wiley bashes Richie Rivera for involvement in police corruption scandal in the 90’s. Wiley says Rivera wore a wire after the FBI caught him doing criminal wrongdoing.


  1. God help us if this man with this face becomes the new Mayor. I will be shocked if people elect him now matter how they feel about Roque. Hate is all over his face. Who can believe he truly loves and cares about us and not his own benefit? Does he not look like a person that desperately wants control and power? He will be worse than Roque for sure, much worse.

  2. What a circus this place is. I agree he has ” dirtbag ” written into his tonality and facial features.

  3. Count you got your own Snitch in your camp reporting back to Roque,Acosta and Rivera….Its Bambino!!! Make no mistake!

  4. I thought I was a good judge of character…Thought Roque was the new messiah of WNY…Fooled again…Oh well I will now Listen to the Count until he can substantiate that he, too, is just another pol!

  5. Not one person should vote for Wiley , he is not from Wny, so what interest does he have in our town ? Don’t just jump into the first band wagon that rolls around looking for mayoral support. Don’t think for a second Wiley is good for Wny , I mean look at him – look at his back ground and track record. Idk if he would be worst then roque , but I can sure as hell bet he will be the same. No change for Wny if Wiley is elected. Voters – vote smart this time aground don’t just jump in with the first CON MAN that has a nice story for you! If you want my opinion – look into Chucky Betancourt for mayor. Mr. Betancourt has already served our town for 30+ years A TRUE WNYER – for the people by the people !

  6. There is a fair chance Roque will run again in 2015, so WNY might be doomed. But let’s be optimistic and say that isn’t the case. Chucky doesn’t have the slightest semblance of a chance of becoming Mayor of WNY in any scenario. Guy doesn’t have an ELEC account. Hasn’t held one fundraiser. Hasn’t sent out on flyer. Barely even speaks at meetings anymore. What’s his strategy? What platforms does he have to stand on? Nobody besides a few people close to him have any idea. If Roque gets replaced, it’s going to be Sal or Wiley, for better or for worse. No other candidate has enough money, following or political savvy to be a factor.

  7. Wiley = no change / inertia
    Vega = a step back / a step in the wrong direction.

    Betancourt is actively going out to the streets every single day at around 5pm to meet residents and talk about the particular issues that disturbs the individual residents. Flyers would just litter out ready filthy streets. What’s the point in talking out at meetings, great word land on deaf ears. Wny only hope if seeking the RIGHT candidate is Chucky Betancourt. And lets get this clear , even if roque is pompous enough to run for reelection and that’s if the Feds allow! Roque does not stand a chance – he had hurt far to many WNYers reynoso or Corso have a slight Chance , whereas roque stand no chance , besides he will most likly be incarcerated come Election Day!

  8. Not saying you’re necessarily wrong about Wiley or Vega, but they have a much bigger presence in town than Chucky. He gets a golf clap from me for talking to residents, but you have to do more than that if you want to be taken seriously as a candidate. If you ask 10 residents in town if they know who Count or Sal are, at least eight of them are going to say yes. If you ask 10 residents who Chucky is, only two or three would say yes. I’m not even trying to portray Chucky as a bad candidate, I just think he is doing a bad job of getting his face/name out there. And please, you or I have a better chance of winning a WNY election than Corso or Reynoso. Corso has no following and hasn’t been campaigning in any way, shape or form, aside from that one HCTV video months ago and Reynoso is what, 26 years old? It’s extremely rare to run a city at under 40, let alone under 30, and it’s not like he comes from a well-known political family or anything like that. Oh yea, as for Roque, the longer the trial gets postponed, the more likely he beats the charges. If four, five people end up running in 2015, anyone with name recognition can win, even Roque.

  9. Agreed with Mad Max!! Let’s start with the flyweights Corso or Reynoso,, no credit and bad
    stories about them, between child-support and eviction you do the guessing ,as for Wiley to
    controversial, it boils down to the REMATCH/ Roque vs Vega and the people want to see this
    due to the fact the town needs a hero and a zero and since Vega left the Town it hasn’t progressed under Roque’s administration.