Count Wiley Pressing Charges on Mayor Roque and Aide Richie Rivera for Threatening with Bodily Harm. West New York Commissioner Count Wiley also speaks about new Commissioner Candidates and Mario Blanch Hiring.



  1. Start beating the War Drums

    Wiley is coming for you guys.

    Roque, Vargas, Frias, Rodriguez, the gravy train is about to be derailed. Brace yourselves.

    • Hi Joshua,

      Here’s something worth looking into:

      Mayor Roque recently appointed Maria Hernandez to the ZBA.

      She is neither registered as a voter in nor a resident of West New York.

      • More importantly she has her own issues with the town. Her property on 59th street currently has opened fines and violations…..just like her bedfellow acosta. Check it out for yourself.

  2. I have one question…Why has not Count ever advised anyone he received a subpeona in the DPW scandal in North Bergen?.. I do believe ethics and morality are much needed in WNY, but if someone is going use that platform they need to be upfront. Right now, WNY is a mess cause Roque and his cronies have caused this town to become so divided. I think we all agree that change is needed, and quickly.

  3. Commissioner Wiley, get the petitions ready people are ready to sign.

    West New York, we need a change now! Roque,Garcia,Blanch,Dimarco,Indri,Acosta,Reyes,Caridad,Fior,Ruben
    & Riviera

    Start looking for employement now before all the dog walking jobs
    in Union City are gone.