At about 9:30 pm on May 3rd. 2017 Port Authority Police   on duty at the Holland tunnel  in Jersey City  conducted a vehicle stop at 13th and Marin Blvd of a  2003 Audi  being driven with its high beam headlights  illuminated and a cracked windshield.  Upon stopping the vehicle, a strong odor of Marijuana was emanating from the motor vehicle.  The driver/suspect , Larry C. Paredes,  admitted to having some Marijuana in the vehicle.  A search of the Motor Vehicle revealed 8 clear air tight plastic baggies containing alleged  Marijuana, 1 clear bag containing suspected Marijuana soaked in THC, 1 grinder, 2 cigarette rolling machines, 1 digital scale, 1 vacuum food saver, and a box of double sealed plastic baggies. The driver was arrested and the contraband vouchered.  There was no disruption to tunnel operations.

Arrested: Mr. Larry C. Paredes-28

North Bergen, NJ


Distribution of Marijuana over 50 g

Distribution of Schedule 1 (THC)

Possession of Schedule 1 (THC)

Possession of over 50g Marijuana

Improper Use of High Beams

Cracked Windshield

Possession of CDS in Motor Vehicle



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