Immediate Action: Craig Guy’s Vision for Enhancing Paterson Plank Road Traffic Safety

Craig Guy Paterson Plank Road Safety Initiative

Craig Guy’s Urgent Steps to Enhance Paterson Plank Road Safety

Jersey City- In response to a recent tragic accident on Paterson Plank Road, Craig Guy, the Democratic County Executive nominee, has unveiled a comprehensive plan to enhance traffic safety in the area. The plan involves a combination of immediate actions and long-term strategies to address the pressing issue.

“Ensuring the safety of Paterson Plank Road is our top priority, and we are committed to taking swift and effective measures to achieve it,” said Craig Guy.

The Paterson Plank Road Safety Initiative, spearheaded by Guy, includes several immediate actions scheduled for implementation within the week:

  1. Traffic Delineators: Installation of traffic delineators along Paterson Plank Road, from the intersection with Manhattan Avenue near Washington Park to south of the Second Street Light Rail Station. This measure aims to separate the North and Southbound lanes, reducing the risk of accidents.
  2. Speed Enforcement: Increased traffic enforcement efforts targeting speeding and driving under the influence along Paterson Plank Road. The Sheriff’s Office will lead these efforts in coordination with the Jersey City and Hoboken police departments.
  3. Enhanced Signage: The plan also involves improving signage along Paterson Plank Road, including digital speed limit signs and message boards advising motorists to reduce their speed.

Moreover, Craig Guy is committed to exploring permanent solutions to enhance safety on Paterson Plank Road. These include the potential installation of permanent lane barriers to prevent head-on collisions and the implementation of various traffic calming measures, such as speed bumps, rumble strips, and lane narrowing. County engineers and planners have been instructed to assess these options in collaboration with counterparts in Jersey City and Hoboken.

To expedite the implementation of these critical safety improvements, the county government will fund the initiative, rather than waiting for funding from state and federal transportation agencies. County officials plan to seek reimbursement from the New Jersey State Department of Transportation and the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority.

“We won’t delay in making this road safer, even if it means spending money. Hudson County residents should know that we are taking this problem seriously and doing everything within our means to address it,” emphasized Guy.

The Paterson Plank Road Safety Initiative represents a comprehensive and proactive approach to enhance safety for all road users in Hudson County. Craig Guy’s commitment to immediate action and long-term planning aims to ensure that such tragedies are prevented in the future, making the region’s roads safer for everyone.