Critics blast Mayor Sacco and his administration

Critics blast Mayor Sacco and his administration. In addition, Mayor Nick Sacco talks possibility of Pre-School being switched to new location.


  1. Sacco & his boys are laughing all the way to the bank when are the voters going to wake up & get these bums crooks or what ever you want to call them just look at Klitzner RED face you can tell he is lying he can’t make it in private law practice so he suck off the tax payers he needs to be in jail

  2. Larry Wa WA Wa Whinestein once against making a fool out of himself. Larry you do no even live in North Bergen. Go back to Union City and stop stirring the pot for your boy Brian Stack.

    • Kathy Somick, nicks fat lover, please use your name in this forum. I’m your son Eddie. Love you mom.

  3. Blanch and Wainstein are the future of North Bergen. Sacco is an old fat man with greasy hair dyed with shoe polish. Hey Sacco tell us who dyes your hair? I heard Kathy Somick is looking for the black dye she uses on her babushka.