Critics of Mayor Brian Stack Lash Out at Commissioners Meeting. The Payout of Former Police Chief Charles Everett as One of the Main Topics of Conversation.



To watch the Full Video (1 Hour) of this Meeting click the video below..



  1. OMG! Breaking news Joey boy got punked! Even a 90year old senior gave it to you. Joey boy Brian made a complete fool of you at comm. meeting! What happened? Got. tongue tied or were you just to scared of B’s foot. Hey Joey boy what happened to your star attorney? Everyone is saying that Brian shut him down almost as fast as he did you. I told you once and now I will tell you again, you are no match for the great wisdom that Brian possesses. Joey boy good luck with your “Hudson County TV” I hear that Brian made Julio an offer he couldn’t refuse. Joey boy word is other UCCG members are also selling out like the merry band of thieves they are. Joey boy better start your own bullcrap TV station.

    Well Joey boy I just can’t wait to see your ugly mug on HCTV trying to spin the ass kicking you received from Mayor and I say it proudly Mayor Stack. Tell me Joey boy, did his shoe fit nicely or is there still room for more in your butt? Joey boy give it up already the money is not worth the embarrassment that Brian brings upon you.

    Joey boy what can you possibly say now? Go home to your Union City tax payer funded out of town mansion in Morristown and smoke some of your leftover confiscated marijuana from your crooked PD days and finally come to terms with how much you truly admire Brian. Just remember Joey boy it was not that long ago that you were chasing him around trying to wipe his butt, Ha Ha Joey boy now you are trying to pull his foot out of yours.

  2. Alicia, Like I stated before, What video were you watching? When you were watching the video were you smoking crack? Clearly you either watched the wrong video or your under the influence. Please continue to post your mindless rants. The more you post the more people will follow these stories and the more people will realize what a loser you and Stack are. Thanks for your continued help in generating more attention to this story.

  3. The only person under the influence is you Joe…under the influence of $acco….keep smoking that stuff and you will end up like Wiley, Auriemma, Zuppula and Perez…and more to come!

  4. Joey boy now who is resorting to personal attacks now? Loser? The only losers in the room seem to be UCCG and yourself. Joey boy you never amounted to much in H.S. and without Brian’s help you would still be walking the beat. Joey boy Brian is going to defeat all who stand in his way including YOU!

    Joey boy some attorney you have, he couldn’t have been more entertaining, stumbling all over himself and looking like the clown he is. Joey boy we did some homework on Mr. Dickson and trust me my friend in time he will be exposed. Hey Eric some past you have buddy. Does your wife know? Does Joey boy know? Oh my friend just sit back and enjoy the ride. As Joey boy once said things are about to get “REAL” around here and fast.

  5. Whats up with Comm. Fernandez? He seems to be enjoying Brian being questioned a little to much. Brian watch out this clown thinks he is for real.

  6. Alicia, You sound like a broken record. You need some new material. Thank you for all your postings it helps bring attention to all the corruption Brian Stack is knee deep. My comments about you smoking crack was not a personal attack. It was and observation.

  7. In reply to BrianStackRocks, actuall all the commissioners look like they’re enjoying this. Imagine how Commissioner Martinetti feels though. Are people aware she is Emilio DelValle’s (UCCCG founder) step-daughter? Her own step-dad calling out the administration she works for. MUST BE EMBARRASSING lol!

  8. All of the other commissioners were enjoying it because they hate Brain Stack. That is fact people, his own commissioner hate him because of the may he treats them.

  9. Wow I had NO idea that was her step-father, must be awkward. How does this affect Mr. Martinetti’s FIVE jobs around the county? From what I heard he’s even a CCO in Weehawken.

    • Tax, keep in mind that Irizary once tried to betray the Mayor but it was Martin that got the boot for it. None of them can be trusted.

  10. Wow I had NO idea that was her step-father, must be awkward. How does this affect Mr. Martinetti’s FIVE jobs around the county? From what I heard he’s even a CCO in Weehawken.

  11. Stack will just give Martinetti 2 more jobs to keep him busy and quite. The only thing that changes in Union City is our tax bill. It just keeps going up.

  12. I am puzzled? I did not know of this sight..however I do appreciate getting all the news from all the towns…so Thank you but I am not a friend of this Corruption group I want to make that clear..but I also want to keep getting the NEWS!

  13. Sad but PEOPLE WAKE UP! ALL of US. The problem I have with NJ,HUDSON COUNTY, and ALL towns in HUDSON COUNTY..MULTIPLE JOBHOLDERS & ENTIRE FAMILY MEMBERS ON THE PAROLL. All for VOTES not for the PEOPLE..It is wonderful to get a turkey especially when a family cannot afford to buy anything else to go with it! North Bergen Sacco gave ZERO! Why because he is so POWERFUL (hopefully not for long!)Why is he so POWERFUL because we the PEOPLE only get involved when something affects us.. That is why we are in the ECONOMIC DISASTER NOW…It starts at the Town levels then the County then the STATE..
    We All need to get involved KNOW the TRUE facts, not just what the newspapers,video’s,and Politicians TELL us.If you are not there at these meetings when they pass MILLION$$$$ Bond issues, PAY RAISES,and EVERYTHING else they pass that DIRECTLY affect our ways of living & our Childrens future..well then this will only get WORSE! And why because WE DID NOT DO ANYTHING to PREVENT IT! To proove my Statement of starting at the Town level..Where did US SENATOR MENENDEZ start? You know he could run for PRESIDENT some day the scarey part is So could SACCO if he is allowed to go any further. And we all Know Sacco is after Your Mayor..GET INVOLVED ..I will do what I need to do in NB..PLEASE feel free to come to a NB Town HAll MEETING..we all Live in HUDSON COUNTY & it is still a DEMOCRACY(to Sacco’s discontent) Come on GET INVOLVED!!!!

  14. I would like to say after watching this video the only person that address an important issue was this woman Kathy she spoke about all this big monies the people get when they retire based on the present salaries & not the monies they were making 20 tears ago…
    As far as Joe crying blow heart Blattner goes he lives in a glass house just ask him how much he received when he retired & that BIG monthly check he receives every month he just mad he was never the chief & aways a indian or cowboy riding off into the sunset…