Donnelly Park was brimming with doggie furry friends Saturday morning as the town held it’s fifth annual pet fair.

They offered free pet care – including microchipping, rabies shots, pet licensing, pet merchandise from local vendors and a variety of samples.

The fair was sponsored by the town, in conjunction with the Health Department.

A trip to the veterinarian can be very pricey, so holding this type of pet event for residents makes a lot of people happy.

“It’s very nice, good service,” says West New York resident, Todd Yamamoto, who came to the fair for the first time to microchip his dog and get its needed shots.

Irene Fernandez calls the services wonderful and says everyone was super friendly.

“I wanted my dog to have fun and be with other dogs.” 

Resident Damian Cordova wanted to get his dog’s ears and eyes cleaned.

“It’s really nice because I feel like most of the community owns a dog and I think it’s really well received,” Cordova says of the fair.

As Commissioner of Parks and Public Property, Margarita Guzman says she’s happy to be able to offer services like this to pet owners, as well as open a newly renovated dog park.

“This is to enhance all the community, this is good for the dog owner and for our beloved friends — the doggies,” Guzman says.