Daily yoga exercise does a good body

Yoga “(English: Yoga, Hindi: योग) the word is from the Indian Sanskrit” yug “or” yuj “from its meaning” match “,” combination “or” harmony. ”

Yoga originated from ancient India, ancient India six schools of philosophy in a series, explore the “Brahman one” truth and method. The modern term yoga is primarily a series of self-cultivation method of mind.

Around 300 BC in India large sage yoga (English: Patanjali, Hindi: पतंजलि) created the “Yoga Sutras” Yoga in India on the basis of its truly forming yoga line method It was officially set at eight complete system. Yoga is a by raising awareness and help people realize their full potential in the system.

Yoga postures using old and easy to master skills, improving people’s physical, mental capacity, emotional and spiritual aspects of a physical, mental and spiritual harmony and unity of the movement to achieve, including the transfer of the body asana, pranayama breathing , aligning meditation method, in order to achieve the unity of body and mind.

Yoga is a 5,000-year-old practice has on physical, mental and spiritual, originated in India, which aims to improve your body and mind