Deal between Hudson County and PBA Local 109 creates backlash on freeholder board. The deal, which would run from January 1, 2013 until December 31, 2017 passed by a small margin, which brought up a variety of concerns at the Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders’ caucus meeting on Tuesday.


  1. Sheriff Schilari is a scoundrel! His chief of staff Emilio Del Valle is a scoundrel! The whole sheriff’s department should be abolished the same way The Hudson County Police were. It is time to save the taxpayers money! Why is Emilio Del Valle allowed to have a low show job at The Sheriff’s office? Why is Emilio getting paid by county taxpayers to sell floats in his “Cuban Parade”? Why did the Sheriff hire a man “Emilio” who is being investigated for running a ” Ponzi Scheme”?

  2. The County Board of Freeholders should abolish The Sheriff’s Dept. What a waste of taxpayer money! While good hard working people are trying to survive people like Schilari and his sidekick Del Valle are stuffing their pockets full! We implore victims of Emilio’s currency trading Pinzi scheme to call The FBI of Newark at 973-792-3000. HELP STOP THE MADNESS!

  3. We have a question for you CORRUPTION? Can we use the same number for The FBI of Newark 973-792-3000 if someone has been defrauded of funds that were meant for the purchase of a float in The Cuban Parade? We have friends that gave thousands of dollars to Emilio Del Valle for a float that was never provided and he kept the money anyway. It appears that Emilio’s currency trading is not the only “Ponzi Scheme” he operates, he also operates another “Ponzi” known as The Cuban Parade. Any true Cuban should boycott this parade for it is nothing more than a cash cow for Del Valle. Does this man really work for The Sheriff?

  4. Freeholders I call the FREELOADERS same with the Sheriff’s Dept what do we need them for more FREELOADING there a joke….