Dedication Ceremony for Young Man Killed Last Year at New Bayonne Skate Park

Mayor Davis and the Bayonne City Council dedicated a plaque in honor of Tyler Sellers, a young man tragically killed on Route 440 last year, at the unveiling of the new skate park.

Tyler was an avid skater and member of the Bayonne skate community. Hudson TV interviewed family members and friends of Sellers, who were emotional and touched at the ceremony, while smiling nostalgically at the antics of the young and avid skateboarder.

The park is scenically located on the water within Dennis P. Collins Park on 1st Street behind Bayonne Little League. The owner, Gary Iannitelli, had much input to the outline of the park and how it would look.

This is a great asset to the community, as Gary projects 30-40 young skaters a week at the park.


  1. My condolences … but it’s not a “skateboard” park it’s a skatepark . There is other sports such as rollerbladers and bikers and scooters that use this park . It’s not just a skateboard park smh..