North Bergen Concerned Citizens Group raised questions about toxicity levels.


  1. Why the big rush there plenty of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to go around her I bet that Sacco got his GREEDY hands out you can be sure of that

  2. Again absolutly NO CONCERN About the HEALTH Danger posed to the CITIZENS of North Bergen/Guttenburg. GROUNDWATER contamination..Land CONTAMINATION..

    The solution..just cover it up! Sure they all live elsewhere..and can AFFORD to…

    Anyone who has grown up in HUDSON COUNTY, KNOWS the CONSTRUCTION and CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS PAYOFFS are BIG BIG MONEY..just look at ALL the “SPECIAL” meetings concerning them…everyone gets paid $150.00 per special meeting..(that we know of!)

    Just a matter of time before your ENVIRONMENTAL INJUSTICES and OTHERS come back to bite you in the?????

    And they wiil men, they will!