Report shows numerous officials, including Mayor Felix Roque to former Mayor Sal e Vega, using WNY School district for political power and enrichment at the expense of the teachers and school children.

West New York, April 25 , 2013: The New Jersey Department of Education Investigative Unit recently released a report into the hiring practices  of the West New York School District and Board of Education. The findings have named numerous town officials, such as indicted WNY Mayor Felix Roque and Commissioner Vargas to former WNY Mayor Sal Vega, in the unethical and possible criminal actions exposed by this report. In one such instance, the report uncovers a “political hit list” that Mayor Roque and his administration used to eliminate personnel that did not support his political agenda.

West New York Mayoral Candidate Carlos “Chuck” Betancourt stated,” This has confirmed my suspicions that the inept administration that currently plagues our town hall, has now spread into the Board of Education and our school. It’s deplorable that these officials are using the school district to enrich themselves and promote their corrupt political agendas at the cost of the teachers, schoolchildren, and taxpayers.”

In addition, the report exposes numerous individuals being hired for positions without any proper qualifications or experience to do so.  This report was initiated after the Federal Bureau of Investigations came across questionable fund raising practices and employment practices in their investigation of Mayor Felix Roque.  In its findings, the Department of Education has forwarded this report to the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office, Department of Local Government Services, and the Department of Community Affairs for further enforcement/action. “

I implore the NJ Attorney General to intervene and remedy this horrific situation that is plaguing our town and school district. “This is just further proof of the criminal actions that are occurring on a daily basis with this administration. The residents of West New York must demand change immediately and unite in battling this ongoing plague upon us. Our children’s’ education is not a bargaining chip for any politician or person to use to empower or enrich themselves with,” stated Mr. Betancourt.


  1. This is Roque’s problem
    Sal Vega had absolutely nothing to do with this mess that Roque, once again, created. You failed to mention how CONGRESSMAN ALBIO SIRES named was also mentioned in the report. CONGRESSMAN SIRES GETTING HIS PEOPLE TO PUSH OTHER TO BUY TICKETS FOR A ROQUE FUNDRAISER! GO FIGURE!

  2. This is a pretty big statement for someone who has not been in any of the board meetings. So why is it all of a sudden Mr.Betancourt has concerns. If he has any concern for the teachers and students of West New York, he should show his face in the board meetings. Mr.Betancourt can talk a big game but his actions does not back up his words.

  3. Chucky Cheese!!!! Are you kidding me? You are a no name with 0 popularity. The PD does not respect you. Go back to what ever town you actually live in. Give it up!!!

  4. The NJ State Attorney General will like always do nothing about the Corruption going on in West New York NJ. They never get involved or investigate WNY Corruption. This is a known fact!!!!

  5. Where was Mr. Betancourt when these very things were taking place during the previous administrations of Vega and Sires?(I could give many examples of that but I won’t for now.)
    If Betancourt is so concerned about our children, why didn’t he speak before? He does now because he clearly wants to use this as an excuse to grab power. And when he does, he will be doing the same thing or worse.

  6. And why doesn’t anybody investigate towns like North Bergen. They will find that many of the people who work at the Board and School District in prominent positions either have Sacco as their last names or are close friends and allies of Mayor Sacco.

    • Pilar you are the only one that there comment made any sense Sucko & his wife are pulling down almost $500.000 a year I can’t understand why the voters in N Bergen can’t see how SUCKO is ripping them off this guy needs to be in jail along with Menendez & there vicious circle..

  7. I find it amusing that whether it’s Vega, Wiley,Betancourt, or Roque everyone goes haywire on these comments. The one that truly benefits from everyone pitted against each other is Roque. As long as the town stays divided, he and his merry band of thieves will stay in office. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has the right to support whatever candidate they choose, but Felix will run for the hills when all the different factions join together. Whether that will ever happen, we don’t just don’t know. Plus, we have to add in the outside interests that are involving themsleves in WNY too…

  8. I hate to break it to you, but corruption in school boards is rampant throughout the state of New Jersey. A letter drafted to Governor Christie pursuant to this matter was met with active ignoral of the issue. Unfair hiring and retention practices are just the tip of the iceberg. No one with more than four years of experience is hirable without a rabbi. Google Corruption in NJ schools and you will read: West New York, Elizabeth, Toms River, Brick, Perth Amboy to name a few.