Details are Scarce on a Pipe Break inside Union City DPW Building

Details are Scarce on a Pipe Break inside Union City DPW Building

Details are Scarce on a Pipe Break inside Union City DPW Building. DPW officials would not answer any questions or allow HCTV to film. 


    • Pants on Fire,

      Since you’re a little slow on the Menendez story. Let me help you out:

      As for the story being covered. Its pretty telling that a Mayor that used to bandy about the word “Transparent Government” is ardently opposed to the idea of film crews in and around his facilities.

      Its OK for him to hand out turkeys from his Civic Association using the DPW building, but the press has no right to be in there.

      Your head is stuck so far up his ass, that you can’t see when and where Civil Liberties are being trampelled on.

      Have you also forgotten that your hero Stack is being protected by Menendez? Why do you think those FBI raids never producted any tangible results?

      Whose the head of the Justice Department? Oh yeah, the guy that shuttled guns into Mexico, with nary an investigation.

      Much learning you have to do, young one.

    • No mention of Stack here and Jersey Journal reports on these types of stories all the time. Also, you don’t find it a little odd they weren’t allowed to film?

  1. Bad Bob Menendez should be indicted and forced to resign. He should ask Felix the Liar Roque for advice on how to beat a rap. Or for the Bad Dr Roque to ask Gov Christie to help out his other Pal Bobby.

  2. details? easy there is no heat in most the building except the dpw offices the roof is falling in with holes that cars can fit through some sections the roof has fallen in. they put up netting to protect workers from falling wood but now its dark and the main feed burst 2x past few days because that area had no heat…

    pants on fire they way you type im shure your one of the 85grand no show jobs in city hall that didnt graduate from highschool

  3. If you know about the goverment & how it works the FBI does not investagate taxes that dept goes to the IRS so if the FBI is involed there not there to shake your hand & they do not get involed with inuendoes only facts..
    So Menendez knows this & remembers what he did stabbing Mayor Musto in the back Musto sending him to jail Musto treated him like a son & many of you people DO NOT know the FACTS or the TRUTH plus if it were not for mayor senator Musto NJ would of vever had the Alantic City casinos but the say goes VENGEANCE IS MINE said the lord his days are numbered….