Developer granted hearing for 20-year tax abatement to build on WNY waterfront. K. Hovnanian was approved a hearing for a 20-year tax abatement to build on the West New York waterfront at Wednesday’s board of commissioners meeting.

CORRECTION: Like Commissioner Rodriguez, Commissioner Count Wiley abstained on the K. Hovnanian matter, citing he would like more information on the project before voting one way or the other.


  1. Thanks as always to John Heinis and HCTV for covering this very important story. The fact that the town official could not answer Humberto’s direct question shows that he is either uniformed or unwilling to be informed on the opportunity cost of a twenty year tax abatement to WNY and the non abated full tax rateable property owners and their renters. This official appeared not to know that abated properties pay NO school tax and only a small fraction of county taxes, which mean that non abated properties that pay full tax rates have to make up that difference. Dr. Wiley, Ralph Martell, Mr. Betancourt, Humberto, Daniel Alvarez and Gary Pollack were excellent in their questions and comments. The fact that Caridad Rodriguez abstained sent shockwaves all the way to North Hudson Abatement King himself, Albio Sires. Lets tell Albio Sires in November to stop meddling in W.N.Y.’s political affairs, other than to be the best Congressman he can be. The next Mayor should meet Mr. Sires by the river and tell him WNY will never be for sale again.

  2. The purpose of Abatements is to Encourage Development in areas Where such Encouragement is Needed! For this Waterfront Property buyers wud quite the opposite; be Happy! to pay a Premium!!! I accused Felix Inc of Graft! & I stand by that!!!

  3. This is a disgrace. Mayor Roque seems to be a nice guy. He doesn’t need a salary of a Mayor to make a living, what the hell is he gaining by giving 20 year abatements to developers? Grow some balls Mayor Roque and stop being a puppet of politicians.

  4. Enough is enough. The waterfront needs to contribute their fair share and they choose not utilize our community resources, then that is their choice NOT our burden.

  5. This is the same developer that loaned W.N.Y. $$$2.5 MILLION $$$ so that the West New York administration can balance the budget.Have no fear citizens this is a legal action.It has been confirmed to me that such a quid pro quo, excuse me I will not retract that but I will say ignore that phrase…deal: such a deal is legal and has no conflict of interest whatsoever.So when an administration is in financial trouble do not fret do not worry the developers will be there too save us. You know this is sort of like when the government bailed the banks out,those rules don’t apply to us the normal citizens We the People but there’s a different set of rules for different set of people. Next time you owe mortgage or you are late on your rent..miss a car to pay a lease…ask that corporation to loan you the money to pay them it’ll be alright don’t worry about it.