Donald Scarinci represents town of West New York for first time at commissioners meeting

Donald Scarinci represents town of West New York for first time at commissioners meeting. Scarinci has actually been on the West New York payroll  as special counsel since a resolution was approved at the December 18 commissioners meeting last year.


  1. And can I trust that Mr. Scarinci’s firm was not brought in here at the behest of Congressman Albio Sires, who, as Mayor of WNY signed a Redeveloper Agreement on 9/19/1996 for the Waterfront Area of The Town of West New York, Hudson County, New Jersey By and Between The Town of West New York Acting as a Redevelopment Entity and Roseland/Port Imperial, L.L.C. Redeveloper, that specifically mentions on page 11, as ‘among the Town’s costs’:…”long term tax abatement…”? Mr. Scarinci’s firm represented Roseland/Port Imperial, L.L.C. Funny how the entire area received 30 year abatements, and Carl Goldberg, its President, gave Albio Sires alot of Congressional Campaign money ten years later.

    • No, Patrick, I was not brought to WNY by Congressman Sires. Whoever Gary is, you can assure him that I have never been a business partner of Rolly Cribiero. Whoever Cubanito is you can assure him that I have never appeared before a grand jury. Scarinci Hollenbeck has a significant Land Use and development practice and we represent over 50 public entities in 12 counties. As a result, conflict checking is a continuous process conducted by the law firm’s Ethics Committee on an ongoing basis. If you ever think there is a conflict somewhere, I encourage you to tell me about it and I appreciate it.

      I am one of the most public attorneys in New Jersey so there is no need to speculate about me when all you need to do is go on line and look up whatever you would like to know. If you don’t find what you are looking for then you can just call me or email me and I am happy to tell you anything about myself and the law firm.

      In addition to , Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, twitter, and Google+, , here are some web sites where you can read more about me if you care to:

      • Well Donald since you want to speak maybe you can clear a few things up. First are you attorney 1 or 2 in the Ferriero Iindictment? Why were you not indicted with Joe Ferriero? You clearly played a huge role in his illegal activities. Can you please explain why you, the other attorney named in the indictment, and Joe were entitled to $30,000 per month from Mills Corporation? What ever happened to the tape recordings of you and the county doctor, the conversation which lead to you having to cut ties during Big Bob’s re-election? Why now have you shown you face? You have been behind the scene for many years, now all of a sudden personally appearing at town meetings. Are you going to ask Roque or his son to hack into my account to see who I am? I understand they are very proficient in computer hacking. Finally, are you billing the town for your postings on HCTV?


        Read the above article and attached indictment and ask yourself is Mr. Scarinci an ethical person, an honest person or did Mr. Scarinci commit crimes?

        Also, Interesting to note that when Dominican Bob Menendez had a school named after him he thanked two people, Scarinci and Abe Antun (sic). The question is did Dominican Bob tell Scarinci to take over WNY and get Roque under control.

      • AMr. Scarinci,
        I do appreciate your response. I shall indeed let you know when I feel I need to contact you about my concerns of Conflict of Interest. Our school district, until January 28th of this year has an appointed bd. of education. The board thus generally did the mayor’s bidding. To date, More than 4,000 units on our waterfront have been granted 30 year tax abatements, Mostly by Sires administration, but Vega and Roque joined that legacy. Your firm represented quite successfully, the interests of the developers in mapping out the area to be developed and staking your client to be the recipient of massive tax abatements that pay no school taxes. When you argued the case given to you by Mayor Roque, anCommissioners Vargas and Rodriguez (Commissioner Wiley dissenting) to defend against Frank Fereiro’s challenge of their actions to move the next school board election fronApril to November, did you mention to either Frank, the Bd. of Ed Attorney charged by the bd. of Ed to join his suit, or to the judje Barisio, that your firm had represented the developer that received thousands of these 30 year tax abatements from the Town of WNY that pay no school taxes? I believe you should have.

      • Donald Donald Donald, When are you ever going to learn? Let’s hope Bobby doesn’t catch wind of this site. You will be heading off for another religious retreat in Indiana or maybe one of those extended vacations to Turks and Caicous. You of all people the founder of the firm speechifying with anonymous bloggers (you got to be kidding me). Yes I understand your reputation hasn’t been all that good these last couple of years, but serious staying up all night long and chatting with the common folk of West New York (Give us a brake). An all-time low even for you.
        The joke around Hudson County is that you do your best law work when you are in hiatus.
        Do you really think anyone believes you did not have a business relationship with Rolando? Did you forget that Bobby Jr was on Rolando’s payroll while attending college?
        Are you sure you want to come on this site and post half – truths. Let’s ask Bobby what he thinks?

  2. Its official WNY has hit an all time low. Donald Scarinci are you kidding me. Has anyone check to see why his firm has been removed from so many municipalities across the state? This administration does not have a clue.


    • John Heinis,
      Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You’ve either struck a nerve with someone here, or perhaps he is upset that you got that current or previous assignment over him. Excelsior, John!

  4. You really hurt my feeling by using a generic username and typing in all caps, I’m going to have trouble sleeping tonight now. The word is “cesspool” by the way, thanks for writing.

    • LOL you’re right. IF you are ignorant, all caps doesn’t help, it shows in your writing . Keep up the good work John

  5. STEVE – Its amazing that out of all the reporting that is done on the corrupt, illegal antics of WNY, all you can comment about is the reporter who exposes it. You’re a real tough guy STEVE.

    Here’s an idea, pay attention to what is happening, minute by minute in West New York, if you really even care, instead of collecting a paycheck from whatever payroll you have been put on. Or better yet, shut up and stay the hell out of the way.

    I guess no one could expect you to man up and say who you really are. A coward like yourself protects the cowards to whom you are enslaved.

    Until your testicles descend, please keep quiet like the other long time employees of WNY who know their place and sold their souls to the devil.

  6. Funny how Donald Scarinci has not disclosed that he was a business partner with Rolando Criberio. Hey but this is West New York, why let the small details get in the way.

  7. What law school did Donald go to ? uh and uh and uh and ug and, He could not even give a straight answer.

  8. He was lawyer in the City Of Passaic and a Mayor and few commissioner’s went to jail there….Will it happen here?

  9. Why doesn’t anyone ask Donald Scarinci about his association with his former and currently indicted partner Joseph Ferriero? In the upcoming trial the truth about all of the profiteering by these corrupt attorneys will become public. All of the illegal over billing to municipalities and the bankrupt Xanadu project will be available for all to see.…/Ferriero,%20Joseph%20Indictment%20News%20…

    Sep 11, 2013 – v. JOSEPH A. FERRIERO. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT. DISTRICT … Defendant JOSEPH A. FERRIERO was an attorney licensed in …

    • You certainly have my interest, Cubanito,but from what I’ve read, neither Scarinci nor Hollenbeck were indicted.

    • Steve, You sound like a Succco/HCDO plant. Your the only idiot on here defending corruption. Also, WHY WERE YOU YELLING AT JOHN HEINIS? YOU MUST BE PAUL SLIMEBINSKI TRAINED.

  11. Patrick my friend, that is because Ferriero has not opened up and told the truth about all of their wrongdoings. Just wait, we hear he is trying to make a deal. This bird is going to sing.

  12. Cubanito, mi amigo,
    I am a great aficionado of The Beatles. If you are correct, when Joe F. does start chirping, they’ll be playing the Fab Four’s”And Your Bird Can Sing” from here to Xanadu!

  13. I don’t understand! We now have two hourly attorneys at a meeting? What am I missing? Is this government at its worse?

    • Ralph,
      Perhaps the state’s attorney general has issues with the way Gil Garcia has been on salary AND billing the town? If ljuris prudence is only about proper billing and the ability to write very good articles and not to have melt downs while representing the Town of WNY, then I’d say Mr. Garcia’s days writing his own meal tickets at the bottomless feeding bowl at taxpayer expense are quite numbered in WNY. However, in addition to Mr. Scarinci’s firm representing Roseland/Port Imperial in its over-arching redeveloper agreement with Albio Sires and Town of West New York that included long term tax abatement obligations by WNY to the developer, Mr. Scarinci’s firm also has done very recent work for Mack-Cali, the company that bought Roseland/Port Imperial. What WNY needs right now is an independent Comptroller appointed by the very able State Comptroller Matthew Boxer to examine the causes of our tremendous debt and debt obligations, and to MANDATE that NO future tax abatements which don’t allow the town to temporarily or permanently rescind in fiscal crises or which totally non fund school tax oblifations ir severely shortchange county tax obligations, be granted.

  14. Patrick it appears that you are very well informed. I am going to do some research on E-lect. It is time we expose these frauds and link their donations to all of the development and tax abatement a that have been approved at our expense. As you would say “follow the money”.

  15. Mr.Scarinci your firm is the attorney for Union City. If you have no with Rolando (Rolly) Cribeiro. Why have you allowed the Academy of Enrichment and Advancement in Union City operate without a certificate of occupancy. Patric it’s the truth he was not bought to WNY by Sires he was bought by Senator Mendez.

  16. Mr. Scarinci, I give you alot of credit for coming on here and commenting,its a great sign of transparency to me.Transparency is something that goes along way.The truth always comes out in time.That is the problem with Roque he is a tremendous lair and you will realize this only in time when dealing with him more closely as you will.I will tell you this,and its my opinion or assumptions.You and your colleagues will try to fix this guys image up but too much has already been done.This man and his criminal partners have already been exposed and are running around naked.The people of WNY by a majority have seen the truth about Roque and company.Their biggest allies and followers have even abandoned ship,they are past the salvation will see this all for yourself,we the people of WNY are not angry for no reason.Its not because we are paid or have nothing else to do,in actuality we are struggling to get by and progress and accomplish our American dreams but when such harm and malice is being sought out by these criminals someone has to step up and fight.You seem like a decent man,I’m sure you are an incredibly smart person or you would not be where you are today.Be very careful with dealing with these individuals,they have nothing but ill intentions for our town and will try to walk many gray areas to see the wrong doings through,do not let yourself get stained by these scammers and con artist.They truly believe in a Castro Regime and I’m not being crazy on this,trust me I’v been watching closely for over a year now and I have not ever seen the extant that these guys go through to suppress voters and the intimidation tactics that they have used.Many WNYER’S are scared of their retaliation tactics.They will put on their best face for you but in time i feel strongly you will see what I’m saying has merit and you will join the list of those,even attorneys that I said ‘I told you so” to.So its really a pleasure to see an educated veteran on board<i hope you prove by your actions,that you are there to represent the best interest of the people of WNY, because at the end of the day it is those residents that pay the bills.I was happy to see you answer questions as in the past all we would get is no answers or we cant talk about it.there are many rumors and assumption out there about you,but lets see what your actions say to us.We will be watching closely and good luck,I truly hope that you will not send a different attorney to every meeting and that it is you and your wealth of knowledge that tries to lead this group of idiots that you have to work with.this will be the old saying…if god gives you lemons then make…only a year and couple months left.See you at the next meeting.

    • Well stated Frank. However, I must caution you about Mr. Scarinci he can be quite the charmer, do not be fooled. His posting is not meant to bring transparency to government and he does not care about the people of WNY. Scarinci only cares about one thing $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. If he cared about the people of WNY why would he get involved with a POS like Roque? The answer is simple, he is being paid a lot of money by the political machine to try and clean up Roque’s damaged reputation. Also, everyone knows that Scarinci and Menendez are like brothers and work hand and glove, By Scarinci coming into this form and posting he is sending a message via Menendez for everyone to back off or pay the price for resisting the will of Menendez. Our fight in WNY is not only against Roque it is against all of those in power who support him so they can use WNY and our tax dollars to their advantage. In addition to the Rogue gang we need to realize that Scarinci, Menendez, Sires, Sacco, Turner, Prieto, and the entire HCDO are also the enemy of the people of WNY. If they were are friends they would help us get Roque out and replace him with a competent leader who we the PEOPLE support.

    • Unfortunately for Donald, Rolly has the ability to call and e mail from Brooklyn. I heard that some of these e mails and telephone conversations directly connect these men to a very unique relationship. A relationship that has NOT been disclosure yet. Involves school projects in Hudson and other counties.
      At what point do you think he has a legal obligation to inform West New York?

  17. The above Video is very telling about Donald Scarinci. Bob Levy is a senior partner, who had his own issues several years back. What does he do for the firm. As per the title of his presentation, helps them when the FBI comes to visit them. I guess we now know why Roque hired Scarinci.

  18. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! interesting reading. Thanks for sharing Helen. No wonder people use alias when posting on here. Makes you wonder what would happen if these lawyers who help criminals get early parole ever asked for a favorite in return. Sure as hell not going to but my real name on anything. Not when you dealing with Lawyers and Politicians who have associated with criminals.

  19. Patrick, do you know about Dr. Sandoval and Donald Scarinci? Did you know that Menendez’s Son worked for Rolando “Rolly” Cribeiro? Did you know that Menendez’s Daughter worked for Donald Scarinci until the Sandoval & Ferriero scandles? If Sires and Menendez didn’t bring Donald Scarinci to WNY then it sure was Manny Diaz that made the connection.

  20. While reports of Senator Menendez’ daughter having worked for Mr. Scarinci’s law firm, if true are somewhat troubling, My opinion of Senator Menendez, whose career I have followed since he courageously wore a wire to expose Union City Corruption while on the Board of Education, is overwhelmingly favorable. To the individual who refers to him as Dominican Bob, I must say, at first I thought he refered to the Senator’s heritage, but then I realized Mr. Menendez’ parents are Cuban. Then it dawned on me:.the very false adjective unfairly tied to this good man’s name was about a supposed trist involving a Dominican woman. As this story was almost initially reported by right wing muckraker(excuse me, that would give muckraking a bad name) or more appropriate SLIME reporter Matt Drudge, and the woman herself denied this entire false story, I don’t take kindly to folks slandering a good man. Hillary would do well to choose Senator Menendez as the next Vice President. He would defeat Rubio, Cruz, or ANY GOP nominee in the veep debate.

    • Patrick, Menendez has done a good job of fooling people regarding his cooperation and subsequently wearing a wire to get Musto. However, there is a hell of a lot more to that story that people like to forget. Mendenez was no saint. On the stand he was asked by Musto’s attorney is it not true you are doing this because you want to be Mayor? Menendez stated under oath No he did not want to be mayor. After Musto was convicted he filed his petitions and the rest is history. Also, Menendez was a 21 years of age when with Musto’s blessing he became President of the UC School board. You think Musto would have put someone there he could not control? Menendez’s involvement in the UCBOE is no different than Sivio Acosta. If you going to attack Acosta for being Roque’s stool on the WNYBOE then you cannot defend Menendez who did the same for another convicted felon and then turned on the very people who took care of him to save his own ass. Menendez has a questionable background which with the help of Scarinci they have done a great job hiding the truth.

  21. Wake up WNY. Scarnici is accomplishing what he was hired to do, take the attention off Roque. If there is one thing we all agree with it is that Roque is a POS and needs to go. What has Scarnici done, taken the our focus off Roque. Do not fall for Scarinci’s BS, he is evil just like Roque our attention for the next 18 months must the Roque and the BOE. Remember it is all about Roque, Roque, Roque. Do not get side tracked.

  22. In Donald Scarinci’s only post to-date he stated what a public attorney he is and how transparent is firm is. Well 2 days ago I asked him a few simple questions:
    1. Donald are you Attorney 1 or 2 in the Ferriero indictment?
    2. Why were you and your cohorts entitled to $30,000 per month from Mills Corp?
    3. Why were you not indicted in the Ferriero matter?
    4. Will you public release the tape recording of you and Dr. Sandoval?
    Donald can you please answer the questions posted above.

  23. Day three and still no response from Mr. Scarinci to the below questions. Mr. Scarinci said he is an open and honest attorney, then why will he not publicly respond to the below questions?

    1. Donald are you Attorney 1 or 2 in the Ferriero indictment?
    2. Why were you and your cohorts entitled to $30,000 per month from Mills Corp?
    3. Why were you not indicted in the Ferriero matter?
    4. Will you public release the tape recording of you and Dr. Sandoval?

  24. Day four and still no response from Mr. Scarinci to the below questions. Why has Scarinci gone silent? Please come back Donald.

    1. Donald are you Attorney 1 or 2 in the Ferriero indictment?
    2. Why were you and your cohorts entitled to $30,000 per month from Mills Corp?
    3. Why were you not indicted in the Ferriero matter?
    4. Will you public release the tape recording of you and Dr. Sandoval?

  25. Day six still no response from Donald. Last week so talkative, since then not a work. Maybe he has no internet in his Caribbean home he owns off all the money he took from New Jersey Taxpayers.

  26. First it was joke. However, he does own a luxury home on a Caribbean Island and may not be in an area which has internet access.

  27. The County Board of Freeholders should abolish The Sheriff’s Dept. What a waste of taxpayer money! While good hard working people are trying to survive while people like Schilari and his sidekick Del Valle are stuffing their pockets full! We implore victims of Emilio’s currency trading Ponzi scheme to call The FBI of Newark at 973-792-3000. HELP STOP THE MADNESS!

  28. We have a question for you CORRUPTION? Can we use the same number for The FBI of Newark 973-792-3000 if someone has been defrauded of funds that were meant for the purchase of a float in The Cuban Parade? We have friends that gave thousands of dollars to Emilio Del Valle for a float that was never provided and he kept the money anyway. It appears that Emilio’s currency trading is not the only “Ponzi Scheme” he operates, he also operates another “Ponzi” known as The Cuban Parade. Any true Cuban should boycott this parade for it is nothing more than a cash cow for Del Valle. Does this man really work for The Sheriff?