Donald Trump WINS in Huge Upset

Donald Trump was elected President in a last-day upset, narrowly beating Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College.

Hillary Clinton still has not conceded the race, and at 2 AM, her campaign chairman John Podesta asked the large crowd at Clinton’s campaign celebration at New York’s Javits Center to go home for the rest of the evening. Final results still have not come in from several states. However, in battleground states like Michigan, Minnesota and Ohio, Trump gained and sustained narrow margins over Clinton but no news service had officially declared a winner in those states which remained “too close to call.”  

In New Jersey, Clinton won handily with slightly under 2,000,000 total votes, for a margin of about 460,000 votes with 93% of precincts reporting. In percentage terms, Clinton beat Trump 55%-42%.

In Hudson County, Clinton won by about a three-to-one margin, 74% to 23%. 

In the closely watched 5th Congressional District, challenger Josh Gottheimer appears to have won a narrow two percentage point victory over seven term incumbent Scott Garrett, who refused to concede the race as of 2:30 AM.