Do’s and Don’t for Union City Dog Owners

A Message from the Union City Health Department

Don’t Let your dog make your neighbor worst enemy. Do let your dog be loved by all.


  • Let your dog eliminate on sidewalks, in crosswalks, in or upon public buildings, or approaches to such buildings from the street, nor in or upon any public park, or public playground, nor in or upon any premise not owned or controlled by the person owning or keeping the dog.
  • Let your dog enter any establishment where human food in any form or packaging is served, sold or manufactured.
  • Let your dog roam the neighborhood.
  • Let your dog bark excessively.
  • Let your dog enter upon your neighbors’ property, or soil your neighbors’ shrubbery, lawn or flower garden.
  • Let your dog chase, frighten, or bite people
  • Let your dog become your neglected property.


  • Provide a “Dog Run” (if possible) on your own property, away from your neighbors’ lot line.
  • Remove feces daily, wrapping them in paper and placing them in a garbage container.
  • Have your dog inoculated for Rabies as required by state law.
  • Keep your dog on a short leash when you exercise your dog.
  • Buy your dog’s license before January 31 of each year and attach the metal tag to his collar. Licenses expire as of January 31.
  • Contact your Health Department when your animal is involved in a bite case.
  • Call your Health Department if your dog is lost. If an accident occurs – Clean up after him.