Due to a High Number of Pedestrian Accidents, Mayor Stack and UCPD Unveil New Pedestrian Safety Efforts

pedestrianefforts(UNION CITY, NJ) — Mayor Brian P. Stack and Chief Richard Molinari in conjunction with the North Jersey Transportation and Planning Authority and the Hudson County Prosecutors Office rollout a pedestrian safety education program in hopes of preventing accidents.

“Pedestrian safety is of the utmost importance in our community,” said Mayor Brian P. Stack. “The city has partnered with the NJTPA and the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office to initiate an educational program for pedestrian safety. We are doing all we can to curb speeding and regulate traffic especially on the most heavily traveled roads such as Bergenline Avenue and Kennedy Boulevard. Over the last few months, I have worked with the County to change the timing of the traffic lights and to install speed deterrents along Kennedy Boulevard and throughout the city. It is my hope that these measures will prevent another tragic incident of a pedestrian being hit.”

The Union City Police Department, under the direction of Chief Richard Molinari, will be providing educational handouts on pedestrian safety throughout the business corridors of the city. “Education is key in preventing accidents involving motorist and pedestrians,” said Chief Richard Molinari. “Officers will be visible along the business corridors of the city, especially along Kennedy Boulevard, to make sure that pedestrians are crossing the streets safely and motorists are obeying traffic laws. By doing so, we anticipate a decrease in the number of incidents and increase safety.”

Officers will continue to walk down Kennedy Boulevard and Bergenline Avenue into the winter months as weather permits. The city is planning to expand the program to include educational presentations for school aged children.


  1. If the cops would do the job it would help huge…speeding, inspection stickers missing or cut up, license plates missing, out of state plates, people driving with no license. …
    The pedestrians are just a small part of your problem. ..
    People drive through school crossing guards and bus stops like its legal

  2. But what about those crazy pedestrians who doesn’t respect the law as well? J-walking? Running in front of the car as the light hits green on your side? Walking distracted while texting and crossing at the same time? Kids playing in the sidewalk and running after a ball!? Or even better crossing behind a big bus were they can’t been seen??!? It should be a 50/50 on this!!! Its not just the drivers fault as well!!!

    • I totally with you, it’s not always the driver. You have pedestrians that don’t respect the traffic light and still have the nerve to cross in front when the light is green. Police officers see it but don’t do nothing about it

    • Just yesterday some kids were playing in the sidewalk and a cop was in the corner of the street and he saw how the kid just ran for the ball, good thing i was going slow and was able to break with a good distance while the cop was in his car just texting he saw me and nodded!! Like seriously!?!?