Earth Day Celebrations in West New York and Bayonne

Hudson TV celebrated Earth Day in Bayonne and West New York where the turn out was a little quieter than anticipated due to rainy conditions. In Bayonne there was food trucks, bands, children playing, and various vendors set up at the 16th street park overlooking the water. We talked to City of Bayonne recycling representative who went through the specific do’s and dont’s of throwing recycles away and what will be taken versus what will be left behind at one’s house. He also pointed out the importance of Earth Day recognition as recycling is only at 50 percent, which is a decline from 10 years ago.

We also spoke with the founders and volunteers of the Bayonne Nature Club, which holds clean ups monthly along with bird watching tours. The club was founded less than 10 years ago but has many volunteers who help clean up the waters and streets of Bayonne, which is such an incredible cause. Learn more about the Bayonne Nature Club through their website and/or Facebook page and get involved!

We are dealing with the consequences of a small carbon footprint, severely diminished.

And with 7.4 billion people in the world, the news is very troubling and we all need to make a difference.