Lori Skedlesky age 46 of East Brunswick NJ has been arrested by Hoboken Police after trying to impersonate a doctor’s office employee to purchase Klonipin (medication used to treat seizures and panic disorders) prescription for a patient at a Rite Aid located on 13th Shipyard Lane.

According to a Hoboken Police Press release, Skedleski had attempted to obtain the prescription for Klonipin at two different Rite aid locations. The officers however called the doctor’s office and it was confirmed that the doctor did not give the prescription.

She was charged with two counts of Identity Theft, Criminal Attempt to Obtain by Fraud Prescription, and Hindering Apprehension. She was arrested and later remanded to the Hudson County Correctional Facility.

Upon arrest, Skedledsky was in possession of a dog which was placed in the care of The Liberty Humane Society.