Elderly Women And Church Robbed In Harrison, NJ

On September 5th at approximately midnight, two elderly women in their late 60’s- early 70’s were leaving woods’s bar on 1st street and Jersey street, when a man dressed in all black wearing a ski mask jumped out from behind two cars yelling at them and telling them to shut up.

 The man then snatched a gold chain (valued at $300) from one of the females neck.

Headlights from a vehicle on 1st street turned on and scared away the male suspect.

The suspect is believed to be a short and thin Hispanic male in his early 20’s.

If you have any information regarding this suspect please call the Harrison police department at 973-483-4100.

In the same week, on Wednesday, September 10th at approximately 7:15 pm, a female volunteer was inside the church’s sacristy where she witnessed a black male standing.

The black male told the woman he was praying to which the woman responded that he was not allowed to pray there.

As the woman went to get Father Francisco of the Holy Cross Church, the black male moved to the kitchen area saying he was hungry.

Father Francicso insisted that “We’ll help you out, but you can’t be in here.”

Father Francisco then observed a bag being held by the black male.  When asked what was in the there, the black male replied “trash.”

Shortly thereafter the black male left

Several items the next day including sets of keys and a crucifix belonging to the Holy Cross Church were reported missing.

The Black male is between 50-60 years old with a grayish-blackish beard and very short hair.  He is believed to be homeless.

Police say they may have received complaints about this suspect in the past and are asking people to call the Harrison police department with any information.