ELEC Slaps Union City First with a $68,725 Fine. Brian Stack’s political committee faced sanctions for late filings about expenses and donors in 2003, 2004 and 2005


  1. Who will pay the fine Chris Christie or Larry wienstein? I think the gov. Should get them a loan from the state or the port authority .

  2. Well know we not only have Union City as a distressed city and Abott District but know we have a Distressed Mayor an Abott MAyor needing aid from State, CITY, Friends and i guess any money he can Beg for, Borrow or Steal.
    Let,s break this money owed.
    $662,284 Wow I guess LAs Brisas, PIO Pio, Four Star, Ana flower Shop and other flower shops will have to think about how they are going to get paid.
    Let’s not forget the $15,000 he owes HIJos y Amigos de Fomento and of course back rent for the Brian P. STAck Civic Association and Union city First HEAdquarters.
    Wow!!!!!!!! Dunkin Donuts $50,000 dollars worth of Donuts and the police officers still dislike him
    time to make better donuts.
    Royal Printing Good Luck and keep Printing

    • Hatchetman, he thinks these establishments don’t discuss this, sooner or later the bubble will burst. The writing on the wall is getting Brighter…

    • BTW isn’t this technically a shakedown? maybe the feds need to start interviewing these poor business people and why they really haven’t spoken up..

  3. WOW!!!!!!! Ijust found the Solution for Brian stacks money problem
    Royal Printing could start printing money for Brian and they can even pay themselves off the $300,000

  4. Sad that’s not all the information. Brian list of debts are as follows.
    1) He has not paid rent to the owner of the civic association in three years. Who also owns summit theater.
    2) He has not paid rent in the Union City First office in 4 years.
    3) He owes Las Brisas Restaurant $90,000.
    4) He owes Hijos Y Amigos De Fomento catering hall $15,000.
    5) He owes De Palmas Pizzaria $12,000.
    6) He owes The 4 Star Diner $18,000.
    7) He owes used refrigerator store on palisade ave $6,000.

    He has a financial problem. Will follow – up with more debts.

    • Make no mistake about it,

      how about the Landmark Catering Hall,
      Dunkin Donuts,
      La bella, and a few others…

      • Mr “No Mistake” & Andrew there is a THM on 9/17—1401 Central Ave; will U confront Bri w/this personally or will U force me to do the dastardly deed? I will, if U won’t…& if Bri develops lack of transparency-itis…I will be happy to be ure go-fer…I have “ass” little use for Bri as I do for Felix & Nick; so feel free to importune on me!
        & IF U want to meet sometime & keep ureself pseudonymously-antonymous—if ure information is correct—I will be happy to be the “barer” of bad tidings & unlike Dixon, Del Valle & Alonzo I will be happy to do it as a true public service, ie for free! I suspect U already know me, no? So a wink & a nod is all I will need!…
        In the meantime—Stay thirsty my friends!