Congressman Albio Sires and Elected officials want to ban helicopter tours over the Hudson River. United States Congressman Albio Sires and elected officials from the North Hudson area gather together in Hoboken for a Press Conference to combat the dangers of the helicopter tourism industry over the Hudson River.


  1. Ok, What a great idea. Let’s ban helicopters, airplanes with passengers, boats, jet skis and more. Our Politicians are doing a great job. I love Hudson Politicians.

  2. Dawn Zimmer is a joke. What a way to adulate Albio “our great leader” who are you kidding?. By the way, was Brian Stack also approving this? I don’t think so. He has more common sense than any of these clowns.

  3. I so miss New York! I thought stuff was dirty there but these dollar vans are totally gross. Why don’t they ban these rickety jitneys. Don’t they catch fire and break down too?

  4. guys, I don’t think this is such a bad idea, even if it comes from Albio, whom I don’t like. I can see how residents’ quality of life can be negatively affected by the constant noise. This would apply only for tourism helicopters, and, like it was said by some of these people, there are many other ways to see and enjoy NYC. Freedom to do things is a good thing, but we must always consider how what we do affects others.

  5. And I don’t think this idea to ban tourism helicopters originally came from any of these politicians, but rather from citizens themselves.

  6. Roque the joke says the helicopters flying over WEST NEW YORK, create a “Nuisance” for the residents. IN my 20 years of Proudly living in WNY, I do not recall ever complaining about helicopters, nor do I recall friends and neighbors concerns about helicopters. Roque needs to stop D* riding. As for Series, he is trying to make it seem like he is working on the constituents behave, now that he is up for re-election. Voters don’t be fooled!

  7. This 2-bit liar knows that most of the helicopter traffic is in no way
    related to the tourist industry. Prove it to yourself by asking yourself
    just 1 question: Who in their right mind wants to see beautiful downtown
    WNY ? Really, who gives a shit? So this clown is merely doing what all
    politicians do when their lips move – lying. And these lies about “tourist
    helicopters being a nuisance over WNY ” are really covering up the 24/7
    surveillance operations against the american people – ongoing since 911. O
    and what became of the congressman’s sincere efforts to ban those pesky
    tourist helicopters? Right – nothing.