Exclusive: Teacher and cop from WNY school gun incident identified. Hudson County TV has identified the Memorial High School teacher/coach and the West New York police officer who were involved in an incident where a gun was unholstered at the facility.




  1. Amazing,… Lets hope these people get charged and lose their jobs and are not protected by any unions. That is just plain wrong. You do not play like that. What kind of cop hands over his weapon for play time! We need to put the pressure on for something to be done.

  2. John…Mike Lebowitz is a good man. Its funny to see that you think you’re a real reporter. Great skills changing your voice to make yourself sound more serious. John Fauta, who is a political wimp, gives you a 30 second interview so you think you’re important. Everybody knows that the West NY school system is full of teachers who are screw ups that lived in town…You’re not breaking news. Stop acting like your working for 60 minutes. Maybe you should start working for a high school tv station. GOOD WORK!

    • I never said he’s a bad guy, but the facts in this story are what they are. What’s you’re definition of a “real reporter?” The line about me changing my voice is already inaccurate and old, so why don’t you try coming up with something that actually makes sense? If you’re going to criticize, at least use some legitimate criticism. For example, I think a legitimate criticism of you is the fact you’re afraid to use your real name on a public forum; I have never had a problem putting my name behind my opinion before. Finally, sounds to me like you don’t know what breaking news is, so maybe you aren’t the right person to be arguing about the finer points of journalism with me.

  3. The teacher, cop, athletic director, and principal should be fired and criminally charged for covering this up. Why are the parents not storming the Board of Ed. demanding answers and RESULTS…..

    • Yes why has there been no mention of this from anyone. What is everyone waiting for it to go away. The administration knew and covered it up, are you kidding me. As far as I’m concerned they are all responsible now and should be fired. Only in West New York can you get away with that kind of incompetence. the parents should be screaming.

  4. Let’s hope the prosecutor does the right thing and makes an example of these individuals. Hopefully he won’t be influenced by the politics trying to keep this hidden. We can’t afford to allow weapons in schools without any consequences, whether they were joking or not.

  5. Mr.Heinis does not deserve that comment.He does an excellent job throughout the county,keep up the good work .John now you know what it feels like so have some phony baloney person criticize you behind a mask. Next time ignore it and don’t even dignify that with a response. They didn’t have the dignity to identify themselves.

  6. Good Job John, but we are all waiting for the follow up story. The people want to know why and how this was covered up by the Principal for two months. He is just as guilty as the others involved. Why is he not suspended like the police officer and the teacher?

  7. The superintendent should be fired for relocating this teacher some place else in the district. He poses a threat to EVERYONE in the district. What happens when that idiot pulls a gun next time, and someone gets shot???? Why is John Fauta covering this up? Why is Scott Wohlrab not thrown out as principal for covering this up? This is a disgrace. If you are a tax payer in town, you should get a refund. Incompetent, Spineless, and a sorry excuse for a superintendent!!!!!
    YES YOU JOHN FAUTA. Mike Leibowitz and Hugo Sanchez should be working in Burger King, not around children and certainly not ARMED.

  8. I agree with Tony. I would never want to have any interaction with Mike Lebowitz, Hugo Sanchez, or Scott Wohlrab in a school. They all showed dangerous and reckless judgment. Have backbone Fauta and fire them all. Our school would be a much SAFER place. Just think Fauta “What if that gun was pointed in YOUR face” would you want these people around. I think most of my fellow teachers feel the same way I do!!!!!!

    • Unfortunately not everyone has the luxury to rush to judgement. Some are bound by labor laws, contracts and that right that says “innocent until proven guilty.”

      • Lets just hope the prosecutor gets it right this time. The fact is he did handle a police officers weapon in a school, whether it was a joke or not, that is a crime, and the school administrator covered it up for two months, that is also a crime. Now that persons “godfather” is trying to keep it all quiet so it goes away and he suffers no consequences for his extremely poor judgement and possible cover up of a crime.

  9. It’s been at least two weeks since the incident and what has the Superintendent done. Nothing, that’s what. The parents should be outraged at this point.