Exclusive: Court documents reveal evidence from West New York Mayor Felix Roque’s federal hacking trial

Exclusive: Court documents reveal evidence from West New York Mayor Felix Roque’s federal hacking trial. Certain emails, IP addresses and Recallroque.com articles are unearthed in a 45-page pdf document




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    • It is clear the three previous messages were written by the same person under different names. Erica would never say Roque was guilty. I actually think he is guilty of being so forgiving towards his hateful enemies.
      Other than that, I think the person who keeps impersonating me should urgently see a psychiatrist because it’s getting out of hand this hate he feels for Roque and anybody who will defend him; it’s eating him up inside, totally controlling him and driving him nuts. A good psychiatrist urgently needed. Losing the belly might also help.

      • Roque is a liar! The real question is how much did he pay to get the jail free card? Is the naming of the two school in wny after Sires and Menendez part of the payment?

  1. I will personally guarantee that is not my sister Nicole. What does the real writer think I’m going to do when I find out who they are jeopardizing my sisters employment? Erase this immediately

  2. first of all my name is spelled with a capital F, secondly how can HCTV allow someone to use my name when they know who I am? You guys need to have the same standards as media like Jersey Journal has when it comes to this