Exclusive: FBI delivers grand jury subpoenas to WNY town hall. Mayoral hopeful Carlos Betancourt states that the town clerk’s office, the department of revenue and finance, the department of public works and the mayor’s office were served with federal grand jury subpoena’s on Thursday. Town spokesman Pablo Fonseca said he had no knowledge of the town being served.


  1. Thank you, John and Chuck, for bringing this to light. May the dust not settle until the entire truth comes out.

  2. But of coarse! Do you expect anything less from this poor excuse of a Mayor? Any Mayor who attends a fundraiser run by convicts deserves no less than a Federal Grand Jury Subpoena. After all didn’t Mayor Roque throw his own son under the bus to save his own skin? According to Mario Blanch didn’t Roque buy off government witness Emilio Del Valle with the promise of a job?
    We hear Emilio Del Valle served on the fundraising committee for Mayor Roque even after he was called as a government witness to testify against Roque. Does anyone really think The FBI doesn’t know they were duped by Del Valle and Roque during the trial? Yes I will give round 1 to Roque and Del Valle but I will give rounds 2 to 100 to The FBI. Bye Bye guys!

  3. Wrong again Chuck. I assure you That I (we) are not Jose Munoz but very large supporters of his. I (we) like yourself have a burning desire to return WNY to a prosperous future and will not rest until all the corruption stops. Chuck you don’t even realize it but you talk to us on a weekly basis.
    Going forward I (we) will not provide any more clues on our identity but we will continue to supply FACTS about corrupt officials in WNY. Sit back and enjoy the show!

    • if you’d like to find some corruption you can also find some with the guy you support mr not munoz. quick question how much money do you think Jose Munoz collects from the taxpayers?

  4. Mr Heinis, I have heard on the rumor mill that Felix has been running an illegal boarding house…(Not a bordello!) ????

  5. hey Patrick your a fair guy so let me ask you how much you think is a fair amount for a public officials total income from taxpayer money

  6. Patrick you didn’t answer my question sir! don’t dodge it! I asked you a specific amount that you believe is fair

  7. well pat if you want to continue to dodge the question then what makes the voters think you won’t do the same as a member of the board of education? its a simple question and if your answer is 400,000$ then there is something wrong with how you view salaries

  8. Hello,
    Before you said I was a fair guy. I do believe I am. But I am not falling for the bait, either. The President absolutely deserves MORE than $400,000 salary. Teachers, Cops, Firemen deserve their salaries. If you have something to say about Freeholder Munoz’ salary, then say it.

  9. all I am saying is don’t believe in someone so much that it leads you to look over their faults…be open to all the problems Patrick.. I have tons of respect for you!

  10. Mark, no doubt that is a valid point, and I appreciate your compliment. No elected official should have another public sector job. The potential is too great for conflict of interest.

  11. I agree with my friend Mr. Carlos “Choqui” Betancourt, as it is both sad and tragic just how bad and potentially corrupt this administration has been since day one. While I warned the voters of WNY over and over again about this administration, even I am shocked at all that has been done by them, to destroy our great town.

    Thank God that the FBI has not given up on the great Town of WNY and its residents, and that they will soon rid our town of these poor excuses for elected officials. We need to clean house in the WNY Town Hall of all these elected official, and bring back honest, carrying, and capable government to WNY.

    You see I believe that those officials whom have allowed the corruption to take place, are just as guilty as those who committed the crime. Remember, the old saying, you are either a part of the solution, or you are without a doubt a part of the problem.

    WNY Resident

    Ralph Martell

  12. does chuck think he sounds educated when he uses big words? or is that an attempt to make up for his lack of college education?