A letter from the U.S. Department of Justice sent to District 2 Freeholder Bill O’Dea indicates that District 7 Freeholder Jose Munoz was never a target  of a federal investigation.

The February 11 letter,  written by FBI Special Agent in Charge Aaron T. Ford and signed by Supervisory Special Agent James F. Di Orio, is sent in response to O’Dea’s “request for information regarding the relationship between Freeholder Jose Munoz and this office in connection with the investigation of West New York Mayor Felix Roque, and his son, Joseph Roque.”

The letter states goes on to state that Munoz was never being looked into for any alleged wrongdoing by federal law enforcement.

“Mr. Munoz provided information in support of the investigation voluntarily and on his own initiative,” the letter says. “He was not a subject or target of a federal law enforcement investigation.”

Munoz sent a written statement to Hudson County TV in reaction to the letter.

“It’s difficult when not everyone believes you, but I feel publicly vindicated and would like to thank Freeholder O’Dea for his perseverance in obtaining an answer to his question and to the FBI for responding to his request,” Munoz wrote.

“No doubt political colleagues, some members of the general public, and perhaps even a few acquaintances have wondered whether they were being taped at some point prior to my being asked to tape a conversation of the well-known meeting with Mayor Roque, Public Figure #1, and Public Figure #2.”

Munoz went on to say that Mayor Roque and his attorney have been unwilling to release a copy of the audio tape in question.

The West New York mayor and his son were on trial for unauthorized access to a computer (hacking) and conspiracy charges in late September into early October, with the government alleging that the father and son duo hacked into the website Recallroque.com.

The website, which was critical of Mayor Roque and his administration, was registered under the name Maria Pasquale, which turned out to be an alias for Munoz.

Mayor Roque was acquitted of the charges while his son Joseph was sentenced to one-year probation for the computer hacking charge two weeks ago.

Due to the late hour of the story being published, HCTV did not reach out to O’Dea or Roque for comment on the matter.

Check back to Hudson County TV for the latest updates on this breaking story.


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  1. Hi Mark, I believe the letter speaks for itself. The FBI states outright that Freeholder Munoz provided information to them which was relevant to an investigation.

  2. Yes it is. This is the first time a media outlet has reported on this letter sent to Freeholder O’Dea. No law enforcement agency has ever elaborated on Freeholder Munoz’s reasons for working with the FBI until now

  3. well great job on your behalf! it just strikes me as weird that someone would just volunteer to work with law enforcement out of the blue unless there was a motive

  4. We think Freeholder Munoz is a true crusader for justice. That is why so many of the criminal element lead by Coca from YYY- Cribeiro-Attorney Bianca Pereiras and her Architect brother Manuel along with Abreu etc. recently came together to celebrate their unity against Freeholder Munoz. We ask why did these individuals and their co-conspirators hold a fundraiser for Mayor Roque? Was it so Coca and The Pereiras can have all of their projects approved by The WNY Zoning Board including their 12 unit apartment building that will be up for a hearing shortly? We want to OFFICIALY INFORM ALL WNY DEVELOPERS that if you want a guaranteed approval then you must use “The Pereiras Twins” as your Attorney and Architect, Coca from YYY Construction and Cribeiro/Abreu as your partners & builder. We fully expect to see these individuals premiered shortly by The Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC. This group has nothing on David Sampson [from bridgegate] when it comes to coincidental development approvals, political donations, and their direct lobbying of WNY officials. In fact not even the firm of Wolfe-Sampson [from bridgegate] are able to get 100% of everything they present approved the way these individuals seem to. Coincidence? Hmmmm really makes one wonder. We the people of WNY call on Law Enforcement Authorities to fact check us and see if these claims are accurate. It is time to clean up WNY and clear our town/government from corrupt individuals.

  5. Who cares! Really, who cares! Munoz wants to be mayor?? OK lets hear some solid ideas he has to improve the town! Lets hear how he is going to weed out corruption, not add to it! Put your mouth where your money is! Come on Munoz I dare you to write a letter to Hudson County TV and tell them your ideas! Go on camera!

    • Otto he is a crusader against corruption and was not afraid to go to law enforcement to report Acosta’s and Roque’s corruption against our town. Not that many politician will risk that much for the residents, he has my vote!

  6. We have heard all you have to say about Roque, enough already! Lets here the ideas! let hear them! You seem to talk alot about others, lets hear what you have to say about being a leader and leading West New York is a better direction! Lets start with litter, a fairly easy topic. how are you going to keep Bergenline and the town clean and litter free????

  7. A Vote for Corrupt WNY Commissioner Caridad Rodriguez for Freeholder is a Vote for WNY’s Corrupt Mayor Felix Roque!

    Re-Elect Freeholder Jose Munoz.

    Thank You Good People of WNY.

    • i doubt that this is Nicole speaking and it is a big problem that someone is using her name I’m sure she wouldn’t be to happy with this.