Exclusive Interview with new WNY Business Administrator Matthew Watkins

Exclusive Interview with new WNY Business Administrator Matthew Watkins. Hudson County TV sat down with Matthew Watkins the new Town and Business Administrator for the City of West New York. Mr Watkins is the former Clifton City Manager and Former Director of Division of Local Government under Governor Jim McGreevey in charge of over 538 municipalities.


  1. Let’s hope Mr. Watkins will be an improvement over DeMarco – which should not be much of a challenge – but in truth, this town will never be run properly until Roque goes away.
    Scarinci et al. may be working hard to improve his “image”, but they will never improve his “act”. Under the surface, he is still the same corrupt dictator he always was, except now he is even more arrogant because he’s buying off his enemies and thinks he’s fooling people. But he’s delusional in that regard — he’s not fooling anyone.

  2. Excellent points, WNY Citizen. I will, for Mr Watkin’s sake, and Humberto Ortega’s thoughtful input into that selection process, give Mr. Watkibs the benefit of the doubt, here. Thank you, Mr. Uribe for your thoughtful interview, and to you, Mr. Watkins, for your good answers.

  3. Mr. Cullen, thanks for your comments. I did not intend my post to be a criticism of Mr. Watkins and apologize to Mr. Watkins if it came across that way. My point was that there is a major stumbling block to real change and progress in this town — and that is the mayor. I wish Mr. Watkins well in his new position and hope he will be able to function effectively without interference.