NJ State Senator and Gubernatorial Candidate Barbara Buono spoke with Hudson County TV concerning her campaign during a recent breakfast in West New York.  She remains optimistic and confident about reaching out to voters statewide.  

Exclusive Interview with Barbara Buono during her visit to West New York.



  1. Please give us all a break this is all we need another tax & spend liberal like Corzine & Menendez WHAT IS HER PLAN ? MORE TAXES she a joke

  2. Buono this is all the state of NJ needs tell what have you done but raise our taxes you have no agenda education why don’t you tell us voters were is all the lottery monies for over 30 years BILLIONS not millions that was suppose to go for education 2 keep our taxes in check your a waist talk talk & more talk

  3. Buono no way your a loser & a waist of our tax dollars vote for you give us all a break your father was a butcher SO WHAT so was I