Exclusive Interview with Ruben Ramos at Campaign Office Opening. In an exclusive, Hoboken Mayor Candidate Ruben Ramos opens up about what defines his candidacy as he looks to unseat Mayor Dawn Zimmer this November.


  1. This is all us tax payer need he is as PHONY as they come SPEND SPEND & SPEND some more he is not a leader he is a follower behind the pack

  2. God help Hoboken if this clown gets elected. He is a loser with a capital L. What has he done for Hoboken in the last 6 years he was our assemblyman? Zero, Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Personally, I don’t like Zimmer, Hoboken sucks big time!! No parking anywhere, property taxes way high, school education sucks, lots of overdevelopment and the list goes on and on…but, this guy Ramos is definitely not the best choice for Hoboken. His record speaks NOTHING to me. We really need a new face in Hoboken.