EXCLUSIVE: Joan Palermo, Matthew Cheng win West New York school board election. Palermo was elected to a two-year term, while Cheng was elected to a one-year term. The candidates were backed by the Residents for a Better West New York and Freeholder Jose Munoz.


  1. Last Night showed the Who’s who in West New York you have to look at the numbers not just the winners since everyone can vote but only the ones always come out will come out. The Ferreiro-Munoz Team where the winners but how much was spent just so the town can recognize 2 people that have never been heard of before. The questions are how many thousands were spent? 20,000.00, 25,000.00 just to get these to in. None of the other camps didn’t even spend a tenth of a thousand. I also love the fact that the Cheng-Palermo ticket does not have a political agenda once an elected official endorses you and funds you. Anyone can say there is a political agenda Munoz talks about the little engine that could but the little engine was a steam engine and we all know what happens to a steam engine that runs out of steam.

  2. Congratulations to Matthew and Joan on your well-deserved victory. You both are the most qualified candidates who ran in this first WNY school board election for which Frank Ferreiro and his WNY Kids First, along with Jose Munoz deserve well-earned praise. Our public school students are well served with dedicated public servants and advocates as yourselves. I missed the truthful,indefatigueable, unstopable, and train of justice once, that is the WNY Kids First . I will not muss it again. Whatever it takes.. WNY Kids FIRST!

  3. Dear Editor,

    First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to publish this, as you are aware West New York had its first school board election in forty years. I believe this letter serves as foundation to the politics that we have seen in the school boards recently. I would like to begin by congratulating the two newly elected board members; I wish them success in making the right decisions for our children’s future. While I do not know the candidates personally I must question the way that both of them campaigned to achieve a seat on the board. This election was driven by the mindset of picking two candidates that are not connected to any political machine, and in doing so that would mean that they will make decisions with our children in their mind. As a citizen of our town it upset me to see local school board campaigns being influenced by politicians. There were many endorsements made by local political officials, which leads me to question how politics will be removed from the school system. To set the record straight I myself am not aligned with any political group, I am just a concerned citizen who sits on the outside of the political circle as an observer. The ultimate goal that should come out of this election is to have candidates with the proper qualifications who will represent our children to the best of their ability. It would be premature to judge these two new members, but I must question the campaign decisions that they made. As many citizens in our town are aware robotic calls were being in an effort to campaign. These robotic telephone calls are illegal in the state of New Jersey. I would also like to point out that a 5th grade girl was the voice that was used in the phone calls. In our history as a country campaigns have had different strategies to increase voter turnout, and with that being said I believe that using a child to solicit votes is not only unethical, but it is also shameless. It is truly important that in future election local officials refrain from making endorsements and let the candidates speak for themselves. I am also disturbed in the amount of money that was spent by these officials to ensure their candidate was voted to the school board. Many residents received dozens of mailed propaganda, which I am sure was very costly. It would be very irresponsible to name each local official that made an endorsement, and in writing this letter I am hopeful that they will acknowledge their mistakes. Let this be a lesson to the residents of West New York, we are a bright community capable of making the right decisions for our children’s future, without the influence from our elected leaders.


    A Concerned Citizen

  4. WNY Truth
    Be man or woman enough to say who you are. Your assumptions abiut Matthew and Joan’s motives are speculative at best. Your assertion that “none of the other candidates spent even a tenth of a thousand” is flat out wrong. You do yourself and West New Yorkers a real disservice my masquerading behind an identity you are toi cowardly to reveal which you incorrectly think gives you the liberty to make.false accusations and assertions.

  5. Congratulations to Joan and Matthew. The children of West New York are the real winners now! Good luck to both of you. I am confident you will do a great job.

  6. oh patrick you can’t be serious are you jaded did you know not watch the video if you didn’t scroll up and replay it in slo-mo in case you are slow. Ferreiro Specifically says that Munoz funded the operation so nothing Im saying is false. What you have to ask yourself is since when is a Freeholder cared to get involved in a School board Election if not for a political agenda and use the board as a barganing chip when he is no longer Freeholder. The administration will clearly not give him the line and he knows it and as for Frank WNY FIRST I want them to go all they way so you can see that there is more to him that what you see.

    Here’s a parting gift

    In the final stretch of a road race, you pass the 2nd-place runner right before crossing the finish line. What place do you finish in?

  7. Congratulations and best of luck, all that money you spent to win a seat has paid off Hopefully you will be able to make a difference in your voluntary role as part of the WNY school board.

  8. Criminal Roque had a staffing agency supply poll workers. About 35 one day highers at $10 hour.

    Roque your time is almost up!!

    Yes I would vote for a Mayor Munoz!!!!

    Hector Hernandez

    • Hector,

      He spent a lot more on this election than your numbers would suggest.

      First off, he paid over 100 persons to do his bidding, this past Tuesday.

      Second, there was no “staffing agency” since the mayor has his own ‘Together We Can’ office on Palisade Avenue and had no problem attracting people hungry for a day gig.

      Your sources and yourself are not providing accurate figures. You’d laugh if you knew how much he really spent to wind up in third place.

      I hope you do vote for Munoz over that snake oil salesman: Count Wiley.

      Send my regards to Broadway.


  9. Patrick great job,dont pay the haters and fakes any mind.They are exactly what you said fakes here and in real life hiding behind fake names and faces.They are just very upset today and extremely full of hate….God Bless your soles evil people….lol

      • Amen, Frank. Imagine a school board where teachers and administrators and support staff are not prey to predatory politicians to shake down for political contributions. Imagine a school board that can focus on the education of our public school children, rather than have to hire unqualified individuals in order to keep the peace with the mayor. This imagination is becoming reality, Frank, thanks to your vision and perseverance of yourself and many who helped make that dream reality. This Little Train That Could and DID will do it AGAIN.

  10. Joesph Roque? Are you posting here under fakes? Aren’t you banned from using a computer?

    • No lady, this is not Joseph, an you leave the man alone? My name is Pablo.
      Do I have to be associated with Roque to point out that there is something wrong with somebody who is supposedly fighting so hard for the education of our children can’t spell? If he wants to be a role model for them, he should start writing properly.
      Of course, we should blame roque for that as well.

    • No lady, this is not Joseph, can you leave the man alone? My name is Pablo.
      Do I have to be associated with Roque to point out that there is something wrong with somebody who is supposedly fighting so hard for the education of our children can’t spell? If he wants to be a role model for them, he should start writing properly.
      Of course, we should blame roque for that as well.

  11. Congrats to the candidates and the campaign that lead the way towards victory.

    To be fair, however, your competition (all the other tickets) really sucked.

    Enjoy the ride.

  12. Hilarious seeing Choqui Bettancourt and Sal Vega this past election day.

    Choqui should start off with dog catcher, or something that doesn’t require much charisma. The Mayor thing in West New York is not happening for you, chief.

    Sal, please just move to san Francisco and live out your alternative lifestyle as it should be: Far away from West New York taxpayers.

  13. I am calling on HCTV to remove all of Tu Mama’s posts and anyone else’s posts that are vile, demoralizing and disgusting. It cheapens the value of the reporting you do. Furthermore, you should perhaps, install email verification codes on the comment section. It will certainly lighten the load on people who just wish to attack others and really care NOTHING about the subject content being reported on.

    Let them go back to the Jersey Journal Forum where they can spew all they want.

  14. Rebecca,

    I’m talking about public figures (they foisted those titles onto themselves). I can parody and mock all night long.

    I’m not attacking run of the mill private citizens. Public figures, relax and have an enema, ma’am.

    Thank You.

    PS, Jersey Journal will be in contact with you shortly.

  15. I supported Matthew Cheng because I personally knew him and believed in his competence and integrity. I do not know either Ferreiro or Munoz, so I cannot speak to the purity of their political motivations or whether they will be any different from the cast of political characters that have graced this Town. In fact, the default position for any resident of West New York should be one of severe skepticism toward anyone who preaches change or reform. But what I do find incredibly refreshing is the fact that admist all the rancor that is Jersey online political commentary, among all the below-the-belt attacks and counterattacks, there is not one person questioning the qualification of Cheng or Palermo. That is because, all politics aside, they were clearly qualified for the jobs. Ferreiro/Munoz at the very least understood that having actual qualified people appointed or voted to any position in WNY is such a rarity that the public will gravitate toward any ticket that has people who have actually accomplished things in their lives. It remains to be seen where they take things from here, but at least they know how to win.