Exclusive: Mayor Felix Roque walks out on meeting after being disrespected by opposition

Exclusive: Mayor Felix Roque walks out on meeting after being disrespected by opposition. Residents for a Better West New York leader Frank Ferreiro was escorted out of the board of commissioners meeting by police after shouting an obscenity at Roque. Roque then followed suit, leaving the meeting shortly after the a resolution had been approved moving the special board of education election to November.


  1. That attorney who gave caridad rodriguez a false sense of legal cover to disregard the NJ Ethics Law NJSA 40:9-22-5 should face legal consequences forhis unwillingness to consider the issue of conflict of interest. Is this Gil Garcia? The same lawyer who was reprimanded for conflict of interest? This is now at least the third time that Caridad Rodriguez has been ethically challenged in following the law. As Felix Roque also has a family member employed by the board of education, you, Sir, Mayor and retired military officer are severely ethically challenged, since you manipulated and corrupted consent agenda items to not allow, as for example, the City of Rahway, NJ allows, for either a member of the governing body or a citizen to request a discussion PRIOR to the vote, in which case said item or items are removed from consent agenda. And then you don’t have the courage to face the assembled citizens whom you have just deprived of DUE PROCESS.

  2. Like I said this guy and his administration are pieces of shit…no other way to describe them.All the people wanted was to speak and be heard before they voted,although they would still vote whichever way they wanted but it is our right to speak in an open public meeting.It is clearly stated in the agenda that the people would get to speak before resolutions went for a vote.They tried to vote before letting the people speak…once again proven what they are pieces of SHIT!!!!!!!Respect is given to those that respect you and this piece of shit does not respect the people of WNY so therefore no respect will be given back from me……Learn to respect others before you demand any respect…..YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • while i have no problem with your movement and support it…i can only say that cursing brings discredit to your organization…

  3. Piece of SHIT……….Piece of SHIT….. Piece of SHIT.. YES that’s what Caridad Rodriguez is also. Beside Felix Roque and his corrupt bunch!!!! Fitting his Corrupt PD escorted him away from the Good People also.

  4. Did I hear that correctly? Pablo stated that everything on the consent agenda passed? How so? Can someone please explain?

  5. You get them Commissioner Wiley! If you want to stop Roque then you must stop those who fund him. Mr. Wiley follow the money, Roques donations will lead you to the real corruption and those who fund him. Mr. Wiley is it legal or ethical for Mayor Roque to accept political donations from convicts and other soon to be indicted individuals? We applaud Chuckie for exposing those who fund Roque. Rolando Cribeiro-Coca from YYY Construction-Rene Abreu-Manny Diaz-Prudencio-Architect and his Attorney sister “The Pereira Twins” Rene Avila Etc. Etc. As you can see the preceding list reads like the who’s who of of fellons. These individuals are the enablers and must be held accountable by law enforcement. Mr. Wiley-we hear Mr. Coca from YYY Construction was recently interviewed by Federal Authorities concerning his and his co-conspirators involvement in zoning board approvals for development projects. Mr. Wiley we need you to stay strong. You are our hope for West New York’s future. It is only a matter of time before Roque’s sand castle washes away.

  6. Respect Mayor Felix, are you kidding me! He has been the most corrupted Mayor of W.N.Y. He doesn’t care about W.N.Y residents, if he was a Loyal Mayor he would stay and try to resolve everyones differences. I still don’t know how his still Mayor while being investigated by the FBI. Corrupt Mayor!

  7. The whole town is mess up from all the authorities town hall parking authority housing authority Wiley is putting up an act to get where he wants FELIX is helping the town but he has all the haters on his back #teamroque Wiley is already showing us who he is all talk all scream