Exclusive: Owners of illegal boarding house in Secaucus could be fined over $33,000

Press Release

Yesterday representatives of the Town’s Construction Office, the Rooming and Boarding Division of the Department of Community Affairs and the Police Department responded to a one family residence based upon residents’ complaints that the house was being used as a boarding house.

Upon inspection, it appeared that the registered one family house was in fact being used as an illegal unregistered rooming and boarding house. There were two separate beds in the basement, a room on the first floor, and three separate bedrooms on the second floor. The State also identified three separate occupants staying at this house. The State Inspector found enough evidence to charge the owner with operating an illegal rooming and boarding house as well as various other State and Local violations.

If convicted of these violations, the owners could face penalties in excess of $33,000.

Mayor Gonnelli praised the work of the Town’s Construction Office, Police and the State proclaiming, “This is another shining example of various agencies working together to battle quality of life issues here for the betterment of the residents of Secaucus. Whether it be working with the Prosecutor’s Office to combat drugs and prostitution or multi-agency investigations such as this, we will seek the support of all of our partners to do what is right for Secaucus.”

Vincent Prieto, the Town Construction Code Official, added, “We thankful for the assistance we had in this investigation and want to applaud the residents that came forward to lodge these complaints. I would encourage anyone who has proof of this kind of activity to do the same and report these issues to the Police in an effort to improve their neighborhood.”


  1. Shining example??? they were working on a tip! Stop patting each other on the back as you count the amount of your pensions! If taxes weren’t so high people wouldn’t be doing this type of thing!

    • Thank U DB!
      Mike & Vinnie, as the co-owner of “Ma” Pollack’s boarding house, I just want to compliment U guys & the MCTF (Major Crimes Task Force) on ure continuing battle against drugs, prostitution & boarding houses!
      We shudn’t allow the fact that “Ma” Pollack is just some crazy/”disturbed?” lady (I know—I was married to her!) who is trying to save her home (albeit, criminally!) to diminish U guys victory!
      Crazy old ladies cause so many problems! Best thing to do is get them out of Town or ship them off to the other side of Town; 595 County Ave (MeadowView Psychiatric Hospital.)
      Many times I have seen “Ma” ranting & raving @ all hours of the day & nite…Only crazy wimin have the stamina to engage in this kind of marathon hysteria….But U mite have already surmised this for all the trouble @ the Secaucus Municipal Building that seems to originate from our former marital residence…
      Even these tenants can testify to this; “Yup, when “Ma” is off her “nut” we just lock our bedroom doors & pray there is no knock in the middle of the nite!”
      If anyone doubts my “diagnosis” of “Ma” Pollack, I invite them to come over & stand on the side walk in front of her home &! Stare @ ure feet!!!
      I’ll will be reading this @ the Secaucus THM Tues 3/11. All R welcomed to attend!

  2. I just did some research on Craig’s List…There R over 2 dozen individual ads for roommate/”shares” in this town. It is a reality of “changing times” that as the economy falters & families get smaller that increasingly unrelated parties R sharing residences in this town…Is it possibly that the only? difference between “Ma” Pollack’s “Den of Boarding” & these other arrangements is that she actually also lives in the place?—allowing it to be defined as a boarding house?
    I was there the first time the DCA (Dept of Community Affairs) & town officials showed up…Then & until recently? “Ma” has never had more than 2 unrelated persons living there, each w/their own room…W/her & one son who lives there & another who occasionally visits her that maxes out to 5—no more than lived there when I was growing up, under “Pa” Max Pollack’s roof!
    Cud this be a case of selective enforcement…using a law that is being generally unenforced to punish an irritating old crone; who is annoying too many people in her neighborhood & @ the municipal center…I oughta know…She damn well annoys me; &^%$*@!!!
    She has made no illegal modifications to this house; a practice rampant in neighboring towns; UC, NB & WNY! to butcher! it into a 2 family or chop it up into “cuartos” (in one of which I currently call “home.”)
    She had rehabbed the basement—putting in some floor & ceiling etc…all legal; to make it “habitable” for me; her ex & co-owner. But this fell through.
    At that time an individual in need of “lodging” showed up…unadvertised & unsolicited. She allowed him to take my unfinished basement “digs;” yes I guess she was now “In violation!” He subsequently brought over a friend & he too moved into the basement. Both R local Secaucusins—just like us; w/financial or marital problems…It is my understanding that these individuals R now Actively! co-operating w/”authorities!” to bring down “Ma” Pollack’s Den of Boarding! Cud this be a possible case of entrapment; or in the vernacular—a set-up? by interested parties…she is good @ alienating people!

  3. I want to “applaud” Pat Cullen for his “inside information” that Alcalde Felix over in WNY gave… “a town job to a son of Assembly Speaker Prieto”…(3/16 post). Just an example of the kind of “corruption” the HCDO engages in…while making high sounding pronouncements about Boarding house ladies! But busily feathering each other & their friends & relatives nests.
    Why Rn’t activities like these being reported on in “the press” but instead we have to rely on committed individuals such as Pat to point out “the emperors have no clothes!”