Exclusive: Rolando Cribeiro talks about West New York Future Vision Super PAC fundraiser

Exclusive: Rolando Cribeiro talks about West New York Future Vision Super PAC fundraiser. In an exclusive phone interview from Fort Dix Penitentiary in Brooklyn, Cribeiro speaks one-on-one with Hudson County TV regarding last month’s controversial fundraiser at Las Palmas restaurant.



  1. Excellent scoop, John. Keep up the good digging into this very interesting story. Thank you for your intrepid journalsim.

  2. Excellent work John….but are we REALLY to believe Sylvio Acosta answers to no one? He is the head of??? Errand boy …Sylvio….or is it syl/bio?

  3. What’s the matter, haters? Cat got your freaking tongues? So the carpet guy starts spilling and suddenly we got a bunch of frigging mutes on our hands.

    It’s really a catch 22. Although he nails Pablo and Silvio, he does seem to profess undying love and gratitude for Felix. In fact he portrays felix as a stupid feeble man who lacks common sense and brains enough to distinguish the good from the evil. Couple that with the fact that he can’t even control silvio or Gil and you can easily see he’s no colonel…..he’s captain kangaroo…..on a good day.

  4. Follow the money trail people. Roland Cribeiro is Victor Coca. Check out the building projects and see for yourself. Also, the Super Pac was created by a close, personal friend of Pablo Fonseca. See the Super Pac that held a big fundraiser for Ruben Ramos and you will see the players are the same. Follow up on these leads John and you will see that Roque was well aware that he was dealing with indicted individuals. Let us not forget Pablo Fonseca himself is an un-indicted conspirator in a swindle out of Newark, NJ. The players are the same, the game is called distancing. They are distancing themselves. Get your Pulitzer John, if you can crack this you are well on your way.

  5. Wow! Rolly finally let’s the cat out of the bag….almost. What Rolly fails to mention is his extremely close relationship with Roque that goes well beyond being his Mother’s Dr. In the weeks leading up to the fundraiser held by the criminals Roque and Rolly were seen on a daily basis meeting to discuss many development approvals. The truth is that Coca finally grew wings and flew on his own leaving Rolly empty handed and frustrated.
    The true power in WNY is now Coca and Co. If anyone doubts this just follow all the development approvals and see who receives them.

    • Munoz it sounds like your upset that he really didn’t talk as bad about roque as much as you would’ve liked…

  6. Congratulations John, great reporting, you should be very proud of your efforts. However, I believe that Rolando was being less than honest with you, as I believe he knows the Mayor is fully aware of the corruption in our town, and in my opinion the Mayor is the ring leader. While I agree that Mr. Acosta should be in Jail, along with several commissioners, in my opinion the Mayor is ultimately responsible for all the harm they have done to our great town, and to its people.

    Again, as I have written before, I am pleased to see the FBI actively working on the corruption, abuse of power, and mismanagement in WNY. However, I cannot believe they have not been arrested as of yet. I say they, as I believe some of the WNY Commissioners, are just as guilty, as the Mayor, and Mr. Acosta, therefore should be lead out of Town Hall in handcuffs as well.
    You see, I believe that allowing corruption, abuse of power, and mismanagement in WNY is just as wrong as being an active participant, when you took an oath to serve, represent, honor and protect the people of WNY.

    It is sad to see the very same commissioners that accused the Honorable Mayor, Sal Vega of being corrupt, when they knew he was not, are seating back, and allowing our town and its people to be harmed by corrupt officials.

    Commissioners, shame on you, if you had any sense of honor, you would resign! However, I do not believe you will, as in my opinion some of you are just as bad as the Mayor, and Mr. Acosta, maybe even worse.

    Ralph Martell
    WNY resident

    • Mr. Martell
      I thank you for your comments. I came close to supporting Mayor Vega in 2011. When our taxes skyrocketed in 2009 but the 4,000 waterfront units were spared, as per the 30 year tax abatements (the brain child of Mayor Sires and his town Administrator Richard Turner) and Mayor Vega said in a March 2009 NT Times article that “the days of budget gimmicks are over”,.I knew he was referring to Sires/Turner machinations and he was correct. He was indeed “dealt a hot handle” as evidenced by the 8 million dollar 2008 budget hole he inherited that required emergency action of assistance from HCIA, involving using the DPE garage as collateral. The two reasons I did not vote for Mayor Vega in 2011 are:
      1; he did not publicly stand up to Sires over the bubbling quagmire of fiscal irresponsibility that Sires left for his successors to deal with
      2; he scapegoated CFO Dan Maloney(for paying a pool repair bill). While Mayor Vega won a phyric victory by having judge Solomon agree that Malony’s dismissal was legal, Maloney faced no jail time -rightfully so, because he did nothing illegal- and he successfully collected on a suit he brought against the Town. Sires and Turner should be in Jail. Look at The Jersey Sting by intrepid reporters Sherman and Margolin. They say Sires is the big one that got away from U.S. Attorney Chris Christie, thanks to Rene Abreu. Lastly, look at WNY general obligation bonds 2013a and b. Mist of those bonds are simply borrowed new money to pay for borrowed old money. Much of the old birrowed money comes from Mayor Albio Sires choices back in the mid and late 1990’s NOT to significantly help to pay down the 100 million dollar WNYMUA debt he inherited. Instead, he “sold the debt to third party lien holders” Another words, he bundled it as municipal bonds, letting the unpaid principle accrue interest for which Vega and Roque were left to deal with. The next administration will have to deal with this openly and honestly with our residents.

  7. Thanks, Gentlemen, for your comments. If there is any pay to play, kickbacks, unwarranted sweetheart tax abatement deals promised in connection with any of this, I trust the FBI Dragnet is steadily moving in stealthy, blitzkrieg mode, to ensnare the wrong doers and bring them to justice.

  8. Tell the truth Ralph, you are upset because your wife uncovered the affair you were having during the last WNY election and The Honorable Mayor Roque asked you to please leave his campaign.

    • It’s sad that you would result to insults, as it diminishes our town. Moreover, everyone knows I have never supported the mayor.

      I welcome any conversation, and opininios, as long as we respect one another.

      Having said that, any time you wish, you and I can discuss your comments at a Dojo.

  9. “Kukuts”

    In the website: N.J.F.P.O is all the info about my case. For those of you that do not know me …yet. My sentence has nothing to do with my 30 years of work and service to my community. Nor the over 50 million dollars that went through the parking authority of the two cities. Union city and West New York, in my fifteen years as chairman.
    Even though I think that this is of the best things that ever happened to me, please don’t get me wrong. This is not a caribbean vacation. Nor is it a camp. At least, I have not seen any cows yet. Cows? I have not even seen the sun yet nor the moon in a long time. My correction officer (C.O.) must have made the wrong turn, because I am in a maximum security prison. Don’t get me wrong Kukuts, I am not bitching about it, but for those of you that are outside and think that is is cool to be locked up……don’t even jay walk. Drugs,….not even tylenol Kukuts.

    “West New York”

    The city is in big trouble Kukuts. I don’t know how to raise the alarm but through this system. I believe the doctor has the best intentions for the city. He’s trying like my poor mother says, to make chicken soup out of chicken shit. But, however, as long as

    Gil Garcia is at $800,000 and counting. Plus whatever he can take from….El Sombrero, and any other guajiro with a dream. No more ca-ching ca-ching. Stay away from Las Canas. No no no.

    Pablo Fonseca and Luisito Alamo at millions of insurance premiums plus consulting fees in Newark Strategies and Latin King Consulting. Isn’t that something? And what’s the deal with the Light House? OMG. @ $300 million 200 feet tower over the cliff Silvio has the rendering. Pedro Padron has the picture. He is in town. Call him. OMG, more consulting fees. has anybody seen the movie …..Pinocchio?

    Bob D’Vincent at almost $300,000 and counting the profits from Jacqueline, not to mention 54th St. getting ready for take off….good for Dean. Michael Finn must be busy. A lot of drawings for Chris and Albert Kukuts. Lots of vouchers Kukuts. Thank god for Tom D. and Susan M.

    Silvio Acosta at over $120,000 when it is Marisleidy doing the work for $17,000 at D.P.W. Please call her, she is a hardworker Kukuts. I heard she has 3 kids to feed. “Telefonito” ring ring ring.

    Alex and Marilyn Duran being pushed out of town, a town that their parents helped to build. They are killing Sun Cubano (OMG) with those cops. I am telling you Kukuts, Anita Mantecon is not going there anymore. And the “POPE” is not happy with this. Remember, they don’t sell (tostones) at IHOP. Watch out Kukuts…I know him…don’t piss him off!

    Poor Tom Omaly he’s home now. What was he thinking?? Kukuts, you stay away from (Lincoln Place) take Kennedy Blvd from now on, go by Mezon.

    Margie, talk to Matty, we need him in West New York. A lot of new units are being built without variances or permits. Has anybody been by D.P.W. lately, or 67th st? No good Kukuts. I hear there is more coming.

    Victor and Silvio are having discussions with the mayo about giving the keys to the city to the mayor of Matanzas (probably a communist bastard, go figure) luckily for me, I don’t know him, but somebody should talk to George mass. Please cover Arnaldo Monzon’s monument in Boulevard East, the day of the event (luckily for me I will still be here) Angelito La Cota or Silverio Rodriguez must be out of town or this wouldn’t be coming down.

    Mateito has a prosecutor (can you believe this crap??) mistreating Al Alonso and every other good attorney in town (OMG). What’s next, I heard supreme court. Watch out (Rubio), whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you!

    Kukuts at this pace don’t even bother to run for mayor. There is going to be no West New York to be mayor of. Seriously Kukuts, I was there for the 45% tax increase. It killed me. Lots of people are still losing their house Kukuts. Feel bad for Tony Diaz Kukuts….I know a guy wo took his own life over this…another tax tsunami??? Start packing. Maybe river road will survive. The rest of us?? I think I am going to stay here. Oh no, I love union city. Thank god for the “hero” El Rubio…Mercedes here I come.

    Well, let’s see what happens Kukuts. Some indictments are coming Kukuts.
    I hear 8. Don’t worry ( ) 7 don’t have your name on it.
    They’re showing a movie to night.
    Patch Adams. I hope “C-P” is watching.

    Well Kukuts, the few that has been helping me these days, you know my story.
    Nothing is left. No masarati, no Caipirinas, no more Lee Jordan. Good bye
    River palms. I just sold my last underwear to buy these trulincs.
    And you know what guys, it’s …..(thursday).

  10. Good morning Kukuts. Just wanna wish you a good weekend. I am happy Kukuts, they just gave me my departing day. Listen Kukuts, regarding the good doctor’s name, have you ever (bought a book by the cover), a Cuban – educated – colonel – entrepreneur – doctor – and a mayor (voting for him), I was ready to get engaged Kukuts. I hope that i am right and that you are wrong. But I can definately see your point. Are we watching “the last of the Mohicans” or “catch me if you can”. In a little time we will know. OMG finally the weekend. I cant wait to see my kids, and have a little feast. Thanks



    MATEITO PEREZ………………….E.T.
    MUNOZ……………………………RAGING BULL


    ”DEAN MONT”………………………..BUGSY
    JIMMY PEREZ………………………….CASH-INO
    C=P…………………………………..THE SALIENT OFF THE LAMP


  12. Holy Moly!!!
    Roly take ur meds and be a good boy before you know it you’ll be out to torment everyone again. Speaking of characters did u ever watch the movie Pinocchio. Kukuts you definitely fit the part. You should know as you never tell the truth. Kukuts do ur time the smartest guy is the one who stays on the sidelines waiting for his time. Did you not learn anything during ur down fall. Kukuts spend your commissary money on a good book.

  13. very interesting stuff “KUKUTS” would love to know the answers to some of your riddles.I really dont think thats Rolando from lock-up so whoever you are,I’m an interested party to WNY wrong doing…We are trying to change them and dont loose hope on WNY,yes the town will be left by these wanna be crooks in a real bad state but some good people and some great ideas can even in time reverse that 45% murder of WNY Residents…My name is Frank and my # is 201.491.8001…feel free to call,I like to have as much knowledge as I can get.

    • You are a stand-up guy, Frank. Not shy in the least to identify yourself. Keep searching and you will find the truth.

  14. KUKUTS I cant find the new comment that you said you posted this morning,is it under a different story than this one.A message from KUKUTS AKA Rolando Cribiero if anyone has a question or anything that they like to relay to him he is able to read and answer comments on here…so feel free…

  15. hey kukuts.
    just to say hello,talk for a litte bit ,(about me)of course..I started in a very small store .working for my uncle in PADRON CARPET in 1980 ,the same year that we arrive in this beautiful country.(MARIELITO)of course. I opened me first store in 1983 on 38th. St. in union city, the “POPE” did the rainbow ceremony ,he was a commissioner back then, would you imagine that, we did very well kukuts, a lot off hard work ,my poor FATHER is still there,waiting for me to come back one day,what a guy kukuts.if he could only learn English. In about 1990 I discovered the word BERGELINE AVE .what a place. I couldn’t believe my luck, right next to “La Cachita” and Mateo “Senior of course”, we had it all. In any given day I saw ‘Oriente”, “Prudencio”, “Manolo”, even ( 007) will stop by. Next door Mateo and Arnoldo Monson, OMG, the POPE was there too. And it wasn’t even lunch time yet, Do you get the picture Kukuts.

    Playing it safe, it has never been my thing Kukuts. Like Mel used to say, between cigarettes, “I have a lot of tolerance for risk”. That’s maybe what got me here. If I am aware of what I’m doing? Only too well. But, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks…can you? I apologize to my family and to the court. No one else. We are all big boys here. As a friend, I will go to jail for you. I’m here now, as an enemy, hold on to your COJONES. Besides all my obligations as chairman of the parking authorities, I was treasurer of the Kewanez club. A member of the knight of Columbus. An advisor to a bank. And responsible for about forty full time employees. (That was the C=P family). The clients from walgreens to loews theatre. The action non stoping. I love it. Family life. Non existing. I didn’t notice “Carol”, had moved out of the house for two entire weeks. We built and sold over 250 units in West New York alone. The good doctor bought two of them. He’s currently living in one of them “Hope we can still do business when I come back”.

    Over the past thirty years, I have been involved in the community. It started with some body I will always love (Bruce Walter), what an amazing man. Ten years later, I bought his house. One day I’m going to find Butchy and talk about Bruce over a glass of wine. It wasn’t all about the all mighty dollar you know. Even then, ( 007), had a giving heart. Bullet proof vest for jersey city police department. An ambulance for Santo Domingo. Pirolo Died – he took care of Luly. 8,000 dollar piano for the Union City art and science class. Two new police scooters for the West New York police department. And on and on we went. OMG I love my self again.

    Kukuts, the point being, in my 30 years of this stuff, every day, you get to know everybody, just in CP alone, even the future king, the POPES own blood and flesh, was part of it. Attorneys : from Ferriero to Mateito. I feel like I am 250 years old, and I’m only 50. But we have something to do with everything. Deal makers wannabe, from Pablo Fonseca, Ernard Wester, Rudy Garcia, even Joe Nunez, from North Bergen was a peid ‘consultant”. Do you get the picture Kukuts, why I am so pissed off.

    Kukuts, we used to live in edgewater at the independent harbor. We love it there. What a beautiful apartment. Ten feet away from the hudson river. And when I say we all, I don’t mean Carol peter and me alone. Once a month, like a “lady’s you know what”, we had a little dinner there. Poor Carol., she would cook and then have to leave the apt with Peter. I think they saw the same movie like five times. In attendance, Menendez, Albio, Richard, Rubio, sal, and Biguote sometimes. Everyone with their car and a driver outside. (Apalache) you bet. Just hudson county style. Did they get heated? “M.D.C.” is like a day care compared to those meetings. El “Rubio” has to be sedated more than once. Back in the river he wanted to put sal. (Do you get the picture Kukuts).

    Well Kukuts, it is only monday. No pollito pio, into thursday. If I could only talk them into cuban sandwhiches. Cuban sandwhiches? Here? What an idea. I could be rich again. OMG, this can be big. Guards, guards, officer!

    Oh Kukuts, I almost forgot, a guy from 3 south, (the green mile) same me a message to give you. (Rudy) got a big solar panel contract in West New York. And (Joe nunez) is involved. (It’s going to save West New york millions in electrical bill, lol). They are even advertising, on one of the big billboards outside lincoln tunnel, that Rudy owns. Listen Kukuts, I never met this guy before. They call him (precious). Remember, the “silence of the lamb”. But who knows, maybe there is something to it. Look it up.

    Good bye Kukuts.

    • Rolando is working out, my husband is a personal trainer. Rolando is working out everyday losing weight getting in shape its good for the body and the mind .

  16. Wow!who needs cable when you can read this stuff LMFAO the accuracy and descriptive are revealing..

  17. Brothers from another mother,

    How are you kukuts, I hope you have a blessed new week , don’t worry about me , I’m doing fine , you know, trying to survive. Kukuts. Finally my mother got the invitations to come and visit me at m.d.c. it is only 50 minutes away and I promise you, to make a very interesting day, please no, politicians without disguise or with a heart problem.

    Now kukuts. Tell me how you put this, “coincidence” or “fate” . Rolando Cribeiro, Richard Rivero. “coincidence”. both hispanic. from west new yok “coincidence”. Rolando broke the law. Richard represent the law, “Rolando were served a subpoena, Richard served him the subpoena, “coincidence”. Rolando was chairman of the parking authority , Richard is now the director off the parking authority, “coincidence””, maybe, Rolando wants to leave this place, Richard is not in a happy place, “coincidence, maybe, Richard blew the whistle, Rolando is blowing the whistle. ‘coincidence” ,maybe. We are both on Silvio’s hit list, do you see what I mean? kukuts, could be that we are “Brothers from another mother” , OMG what a mess for my poor mom!!!

    Well kukuts . I want to give Richard the best advice I can, since Parking Authority Lots is something that I know a lot. I hear that your are trying to sell some of your best lots?? to your buddies and friends??, people off the Pac??. OMG are you insane ???? do you want to end up jail???, just to follow me again???? , Richard I don’t not what to do with you man ?? , But please stop following my ways. If I can help, this will “NEVER” be your place. And if I was your (chairman) you will never sell the best lots to your family and friends. wait until the day thaI I will be coming your way so I can help.
    Kukuts it is almost 6 pm no excuse…. second shower of the day, mandatory every day, no doors in this place, no mats, no shower rats, yes me!!! alone ,among ,all these other naked men , omg I am going to need a shrink. “SAL” please do you still have Mercedes’ cell ?? a lot of (mandiguos) here kukuts.

    KUKUTS.you most be asking yourself why is Munoz my new found best friend, well the way I see it, Hudson county is a big mess a (menace too) I must say, or a “three” amigos if you prefer, (AMIGO.NO.1) Nick ,the most powerful of all off them ,but he is tired and old and is drinking his self away, good man, but needs to be replaced .beside the “vandidos” are having there way I don’t want him to end up in jail, for me( Larry) is your man “coronas” anybody he say .(AMIGO NO. 2) El Rubio, the worse of them, paranoia is his only way, hostages he’s not going to take, and spanish he is definitely not going to learn, kill them all, he used to say, for me (Francois) is your man (.AMIGO.NO.3) what can I say, I really like the guy, but staying out of politics, is my best advice, now you have a beautiful wife ,enjoy your time, I built you an apartment that is very nice, and if that’s not enough, with all the money you have a palace you could buy, leave west new york alone. The “vandidos” are going to put you jail. For me (ALEX) is your man, son cubano he say . listen kukuts the shit is going to hit the fan, like it or not and victory belongs to those that want it the most, and in my mind it’s only (Munos) that is willing to fight, so my advice is you must “lead” him, “follow” him, or get out of his “way’. Cubanito you know the money I dont have, but 3000 contacts in my phone I do, lots of (202) numbers in there, and I hear that with “Bill” happy she is not … oh the number you want to have??? ,,no.no.not yet. Do you see my friends, do you understand?, for very different reasons I think that they shall all be replaced.

    Look Kukuts, from west new york, M.D.C. is a big place, but, do you want to fill it yourself?, if you do ?? . who is going to be left ?? ,who is going to turn off the light at the “lighthouse” when Abel sell ??, Richard and I were never close friends, but with this thing taking place, then we can be “Brothers from another mother,”. please “wait” until the day, that I can be there to help. (About you being fired). I know, I know, it is not official yet, but for sure the “door” they want you to get, JERRY has already sharpened his pens .You should go and get, the best lawyer in town.I know all off them, but for this complicated case . only one “Name” can take this away and make many millions in this case, Donald you say ??, are you crazy man !! for this type of complicated cases!!! Please only “MATEITO” can handle this mess.

    OMG, I almost forget, to tell you that “PRECIOUS” from 3 south, you know “t.s.o.l” catch up to me on Sunday in the visiting room, you should see his new look, “marvelous”, I think!! but to the point, is ARMANDO ALVARES still in the parking Authority? he ask me, because he heard that he is buying properties all over “earth, yes in west new york alone, two off them !!, one on Grant ave. and another in Lincoln place, Lincoln Place and Grand ave!!!. Where did I hear those names ??? wasn’t this (Silvios) place . look it up kukuts ,bBecause ‘Precious’ is counting on you. thanks.

    • Kukuts,
      Did you ever read “All the President’s Men”? You sure sound like Deep Throat aka #2 @FBI. I will take Richard Rivera over Harrold Schroeder every day of the week. Wasn’t it Schroeder that signed a perhaps illegal deal with Capodagli to put the prime real estate of the 66th street parking lot @Park Avenue in a $2million dollar (well below market value) for that land, provided Roque’s planning board at that time declared the land in need of redevelopment? Wasn’t Capodagli bid the only bid? Why? Is it possible the remaining part of Roque’s conscience not yet compromised by big money developers and Silvio and Ruben’s interference put Rivera in the wnypa to clean things up? Yes, Kukuts, you are right about corruption between Acosta and wnypa armando alvarez. Keep digging, Kukuts. You are right about Jose Munoz. He will successfully defend his seat and when the dust settles, his integrity will still be intact. “The Sin of Silence When We Should Protest Makes Cowards of Men.”
      (Ella Wheeler Wilcox, by way of Anthony DeFino, Jr.)
      Niether Munoz, Corso, Betancourt, Wiley, Fereiro, Barquin, Cheng, Palermo, Dr. Piscitelli, Rivera, Frias, Campos-Alves, Puerto, Breakstone, D. Alvarez, myself, and anyone I neglected to mention, are cowards. We WILL have our Town Back.

  18. Holy ShT KUKUTS you are like the Riddler from Batman…Hopefully soon one day we will meet and you can help with some off these riddles.You hang in there,you will be alright I think the most important part you learned already.We all learn everyday.Progressing and learning from our mistakes is what makes us better men.I dont want to rule anything,i want a good leader and actions will determine who I/we will guide,munoz is coming along…lol…

  19. Hi Kukuts
    I met Mayor and Senator Brian P Stack (El Rubio) we call him , in about 1989, what a guy. I liked him immediately. He would call me 29 times a day, before lunch that was. He never sleeps, and neither could I. Bruce was the mayor then, and Anthony Iocono his right hand man. Menendez was in Washington already. Brian used to drive a black Volvo that was falling apart. We used to meet all the time At Rollys carpets in Passaic. Bruce has his guys on him all the time, (El Rubio) you know. What a smart guy Bruce was. Even then almost 20 year ago, he knew that this guy was no good, If he can only see the mess that Union City is in today. To tell you the truth better that he is dead. “You are here to cover my ass” Bruce used to say. What a job I had!.
    When Botchy sold me Bruce’s house for a misery of 1 million macanodos (did I tell you that I Love Bruce?). At the time of my approval a little something I want to have!! You know, in his memory!! Even in the parking lot. Buchy loved the idea. We were so excited that we forgot that we needed a variance to do that. So to El Rubio I went, no a problem I thought. Well, my friends, what a surprise I got. All the approvals that I needed I could have it with one condition. “No Bruce Walter in the parking lot or any where else, or my ass he (El Rubio) was going to have and approval I will never have” ..I should have known right then and there, what little good quality’s as a Mayor he has, And as a Person ?? You know what they say, “the first impression is the only impression”. I should have listened to that. God bless Bruce I hope that he is happy wherever he’s at.

    Rudy Garcia and I, we go back you know, way back. He did a closing for me in 1999, but that’s not where we started. We met in a bar. The “Blue Martine” if you must know. What a night that was. Both Anthony’s were there, Russo and Iak. Bobby J was so drunk and so was Bill Gorgan. No dead people that night, thank God, (well except for us). We were all comatose at the end of the night. Pepe Garcia was there too (what a guy). Kiki called him all night. That was our life every night. A couple nights after that, The big celebration at Shusan park. Big victory! A grand slam! The next day the jersey journal advertised, (and well you know) that night, in front of all those super stars, He said that from “Me” he got the best advice. What a guy! I still love Angy and big Al, Nicole and all those Atlantic city nights. But, we are not going there tonight… you don’t want to make me Cry. But, the reality is this, is when the whole shit start. When Rudy and Pepe decide over a bottle of “Opus One” that Menendez ” they were going to have. The judge was there (Nelson). He was Rudy’s Attorney back then, (before he became a judge of course). Over a couple bottles of “Opus One” world war 3 started at the ‘River palms.’

    This is when El Rubio begins. You see, Rudy needed him in Order to have Menendez’s ” “. Early the next day the Orders started to fly. Me, I needed 5 tylenols just to open my eyes. Right from my car (Joe Machado) made sure that EL Rubio started working today. And most importantly fire “Donald” from the board of Ed at the commissioner meeting tonight, and if he asks you why, tell him that Menendez ” ” I am also going to have. That was how world war 3 Started. El Rubio will be reading meters for PSEG if it wasn’t for “River Palm” and a couple of Bottles of “Opus One”. The point is that Rudy will disappoint you sooner or later. But, you will have the best of times with him. The point is (el rubio) He will milk you for every penny you have. If you need approval or, are building in his town, you are his hostage. And a ransom you must pay. Brian P Stack Subic association. Stack for senator. Friends of Brian Stack. Stack and Mickey Mouse, His events make some people borrow money on their Credit Card, And Bank Loans, They are still waiting for Him to pay, and on and on, I’m sure you know. He cost Me and my partner Charley over $ 3 million macanudos in Hudson Hight alone, Forget about the other two projects (after {donating} to him over $150,000!).Poor Charley ,all those millions of dollars and He never got to hand a door, He moved back to England after that you know. He burned his American Passport! And he swears never to come back to the United States! I hear he is seeing a psychiatrist in London now and taking solpiden, If you ever go to London and you see him, whatever you do, please don’t mention Union City to him !! Over a 100 units we built in Union City and 250 in the pipe line With approval and land, That was the ransom that we needed to pay. But, again he killed us anyway .

    Kukuts, Robin Hood, as I knew him, use to steal from the rich to give to the poor. That’s noble. The problem with Brian is that he steals from both the rich and the poor. You see from me, he stole my money. All of it. He could have it for his personal and political benefit. Then he’ll give you a little bit of that. Maybe an Electrical bill, maybe a Credit Card payment, or, a little money for Gas, That type of stuff. Kukuts, that’s not what you need! He is giving you a little fish a (turkey), in exchange for your life (vote). When what you need is housing, jobs, lower taxes, and a future. Don’t get me wrong the other morons, don’t even know how to do that. But that is a very far cry from Robin Hood guys. Rudy, Me, Emilio, Phil, E-T ,Tony H, Mastronely, Sal ,Tuner ,Francois, Marty ,Alicia M. and many others, at one time or another, were his close advisers. And ageing he killed us any way. Now is “Justin, my advice to these good Dominican men, your ransom is already paid. Stay away! He is going to kill you anyway!…listen kukuts there are so many of you Dominicans, Francois ,Freddy , Play-Boy , Justin, and so many others. Don’t let this guy get your vote, treat you like shit, and give you an American chicken for kissing his “ass ” there is a few more things that I will like to share with you about Brian, but we are going to leave that for another night, I don’t want to get personal!!. “Justin” you know how close you came this time, don’t be like that, you never know . do you ??

    PS. Oh kukus your going to get a kick out of this! Some of the girls are married now. They are married to some prominent people you know, in town. They have been reaching out .To find out if I’m fine?? No! To make sure I don’t mention their names! Or, of course, they well have my ass when I come back! ..only in Hudson county .kukuts. Roly cp