Exclusive: Two individuals associated with State Senator Stack’s office hired by Port Authority last year. Hudson County Schools of Technology board member Jose Falto brought the information to light that Cheryl Ann Albiez, the wife of Brian Stack’s Chief of Stack, Mark Albiez, as well as Juan Carlos Rojas, Stack’s former chief of constituent affairs, were hired by the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey in 2013.


  1. Can you, my investigative reporter, assert how Prieto was molded to the position of Assembly Speaker…was that not political patronage???? Hctv who are you working for?

  2. Actually, I don’ think that’s a fair comparison. Assembly Speaker is a position voted on by his/her peers in the Assembly. If anyone had proof of any “backroom” deals, however, I’d be happy to put it out there. I think it’s safe to say that isn’t realistic in this situation. Finally, anyone who has any tips is welcome to e-mail me at jheinis@hudsoncountytv.com, I make it a point to respond to everyone.

  3. Emilio Del Valle lied to The FBI and jury during Choque Roques trial. Not only did Emilio change his testimony after Mayor Nick Sacco and his subordinates promise him a seat at the table but he is now a full blown Roque supporter. Shortly The U.S.Attorney will indict Emilio for lying to federal agents in exchange for payment (20k part-time job in WNY).