Exclusive: Union City Housing Authority to host White House-sponsored Obamacare event

Exclusive: Union City Housing Authority to host White House-sponsored Obamacare event. Housing Authority Executive Director Virgil Cabello explained the details in a one-on-one interview with Hudson County TV.


  1. Virgil if Siers is involved he is another piece of that VICIOUS CIRCLE here in Hudson County he is someone that needs to be replaced what a PHONY….

  2. Being a long time resident of the union city housing authority I find it sickening that this self serving pig forces us to suffer. It is quite obvious that the only thing he cares about is cashing his enormous check while simultaneously providing poor service to the residents. Virgil is a leftover from the 80’s who only cares about partying and making money. This bum couldn’t give two shits about the poor.
    Virgil and Waldo (Tattoo) must be fired! It is the only way that we would be able to be treated like humans again.

    • I agree with Section 8. It is time the residents speak up and unite against this tyrant. Virgil is only out for himself. How can this man claim to be an advocate for the poor? Has anyone from Washington ever seen the condition of our buildings? Have any of the so called dignitaries ever had a conversation with our residents about how we are really treated?

  3. Where is Brian. How come no one mentioned Brian Stack? made because the White House did not personally invite him because of his relationship with Christie. Poor Brian told to sit in the corner and suck on his thumb while Vigil handles the real democrats.

  4. This guy is trash!!!! When he finally leaves it will be one of the best days UC ever seen. Virgil is a very disrespectful and vindictive person. We at housing need an individual who cares about us. Virgil wipe the white stuff from your nose. This man is not qualified for this job, he was a porter at a bank until Menendez gave him this position. Ignorance at it’s best.