West New York’s Board of Education President Adrienne Sires resigned yesterday, according to multiple sources within the board of ed.

The resignation came during the same day that the BOE approved a special election for January 28, which will increase the board from seven members to nine members.  Each of the new members elected will serve one-year terms.

A second scheduled election will take place in April since trustees Angela Duvall, Nasrin (Rita) Alam and Sara Gastanadui all see their terms expire on May 16.

The BOE in West New York was switched from an appointed board to an elected board for the first time in decades for the school district when residents of the northern Hudson County municipality voted for the measure by a landslide in the November 5 election.

Adrienne Sires, the wife of U.S. Rep Albio Sires, was named the president of the board in October 2011 and her term did not expire until May 16, 2016.  She was reappointed BOE President at May’s reorganization meeting.

As of late Saturday afternoon, no one has made mention of who will be the next president of the board or who will fill Sires’ spot as a trustee on the board.

Superintendent of Schools John Fauta declined to comment, while Sires did not return calls seeking comment.

Check back with Hudson County TV for the latest updates on this situation.



  1. Time to run Mrs Albio Sires. The Real Audit of the BOE is Coming some time in 2014 with elected Board members. Mrs Sires you can not hide by resigning.

  2. All the towns in Hudson County should do the same thing!!!!!!!! And the first on should be North Bergen are Board of Ed is a JOKE and the salaries are CRAZY and we have the lowest school rating in New Jersey. And that would be LINCON SCHOOL last year the lowest rated in the STATE