Fauta opens up on some controversial school district matters with Hudson County TV and talks about Silvio Acosta, Ruben Vargas and Clara Perez. Exclusive with Superintendent John Fauta on Controversial State DOE Report


  1. I recommend Fauta suck harder on the Ice Pops now that its summer time. John Fauta has Guilt all over his face. aka Roque man jucie.

  2. Wow! That was pretty disgusting. But your comment does beg the question…..does roque have any left after Ruben and Clara were done?

  3. The State should take ovef the school district. The did not hPpen under Vega or under Sires or even Delfino.

  4. FBI,

    Of course these things happened before under Vega and Sires. It just did not become publicly known because there was no investigation, but I assure you many people who work in the town and school district were very aware of this.

  5. Residents why read Roberts Rules when we have Fautas Rules:
    Hire Clara Herrera for class bully because she was very good at that!
    Hire Ruben Vargas for special ed because he needs it.
    With these recommendations from Supt. Fauta that’s why are
    Schools have very low test scores and are still sinking.
    Thanks Fauta for all your help!

    • We must make Every Conceivable Effort to Absolutely! Separate the administration of the Schools from mayoral government. The schools need to be run solely in the best interests of the students & teachers who R carrying out our Most Important Societal Activity; preparing the future citizens of our society & Not just another feeding trough for patronage jobs for cronies & future in laws?…