Fatal Shooting near St Lucy's Homeless Shelter in Jersey City


Jersey City Medical Center EMS reporting confirmed one person shot near or at the Homeless Shelter of St Lucy’s in Jersey City. Dead on arrival, according to Police Chatter. Jersey City Police Department has been requested to the scene.



  1. I “liked” this page because its description reads “news on politics, community, crime, health and more.” The only thing I have seen posted by this page is crime news. If the page does not post anything besides crime in January, I will promptly “unlike.” There are plenty of non crime news stories to cover in Hudson County.

  2. Great beginning for 2015 JC! on ure rode to ure usual 2 dozen plus homicides/year! About 90% plus of the Hudson County total. Just the facts ma’am!!! ;(

  3. What the fuck is wrong this people we were at peace and now they star their shit smsh