Filmore Park of West New York opens on the first day of Summer!

Filmore Park of West New York opens on the first day of Summer! Mayor Roque held the grand opening of Filmore Park to a crowd of happy children and grateful parents. Roque took special and great pride in this project, citing that the town needs to offer positive recreation and influences for our youth.


  1. “I am gonna tell you something” Indicted Roque’s favorite quote after “I am a Military Man”.

    Well I am gonna tell you something Indicted Mayor Roque. Your times almost up! That goes for your Corrupt Commissioners also!

  2. Felix Roque is going to let his Son Joseph take the fall for all the hacking charges. Felix Roque might just get a sentence for Conspiracy but maybe not. Felix Roque is giving everything his son wants now before he gets jail time. Joseph Roque might just do 6 months in Jail. The spoiled brat is going to get a slap on the wrist it looks like and Daddy Roque will survive another day. Town of West NY will settle all the Lawsuits. So we the Tax Payers lose and Felix Roque and his team of Commissioners can continue to Steal and gain from their Corrupt deals and ways. Felix Roque you are no Leader and are a Corrupt Mayor and person. Hell is waiting for you!

  3. Mary G, My God, I think you are going overboard with your comments. Hell is waiting for Mayor Roque??? OK, so he might have done some things that are questionable but doesn’t everybody in power ( or without it) take care of themselves and theirs first? This is certainly not to justify any wrongdoing but to say hell is waiting for Mayor Roque is totally wrong. Only God knows what is waiting for each one of us. I personally believe these types of things will always exist with whomever is in power. Some will be worse and some will be better, but they will all these things. And by the way, Mayor Roque is certainly not the worse that I have known in the last 15 or 20 years in WYN.