Fire safety a must during Thanksgiving, holidays

The holidays are upon us and North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue always sees an increase in emergencies and accidents at this time of year.

“We see a lot of unattended cooking where people have the oven on and they run out and then something flares up.  So we want to tell people make sure you don’t leave your cooking unattended — be there, be alert,” says Deputy Chief Charles Thomas.

If you love to deep-fry your turkey as many of us do, take it outside.

“To avoid any splattering of the oil,” Thomas says.  “You want to do it away from your house, not on a wood deck or anything, maybe on a patio.”

According to the deputy chief, sometimes people forget basic safety precautions… check that your smoke detectors are working and don’t overload outlets ‘cause it can lead to an electrical fire.

“And if you use a natural tree, you have to make sure that it’s always well watered and kept moist,” Thomas says, “because trees that dry out tend to be a fire hazard.

“We recommend using an electric type light candle instead of an open flame, a burning candle.  If you do light a candle, it has to be attended all the time.”

Most of all, the firefighters say enjoy thanksgiving and beyond… but stay safe.