Edward Mongon, Shakeema High, Michael Johnson, Dajauhn Harclerode, Hakeem High have been arrested after a Street Fight, Hoboken Police says.

On Saturday August 20th around 2.48 am, Hoboken Police Officers were dispatched to 1st and River Street on a report of a street fight. As the officers arrived on scene, they immediately requested for additional units to assist with the large disorderly crowd. While attempting to disperse the crowd, the scene became chaotic and one of the officers was forcefully pushed from behind into a parked vehicle causing him to fall to the ground. Officers had to use their OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) spray to help disperse the crowd.

During the scuffle, Shakeema High allegedly grabbed a glass bottle from the garbage and threw it striking a victim above his left eyebrow and causing a small laceration. Officers finally maintained control and they dispersed the crowd without further incident. Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance #134 arrived on scene at transported two victims to Hoboken University Medical Center and also to the Jersey City Medical Center for the injuries they sustained during the incident.

The officer that was pushed from behind into the parked vehicle sustained contusions and abrasions to his elbows.


20-year-old Edward Mongon was charged with Possession of CDS: Marijuana and Disorderly Conduct.

23-year-old Shakeema High was charged with Aggravated Assault, Possession of a Weapon and Unlawful Possession of a Weapon. She was also charged with Bail Jumping for an outstanding warrant from the Union City Municipal Court.

21-year-old Michael Johnson was charged with Resisting Arrest/Eluding, Terroristic Threats and Roit: Failure to Disperse.

25-year-old Dajauhn Harclerode was charged with Aggravated Assault and

25-year-old Hakeem High was also charged with Aggravated Assault for shoving the police officer into the parked vehicle.

Responding Officers:

Police Sgt. Donald Rosso,

Det. David DiMartino,

P.O. Michael DePalma,

P.O. Michael Aviles,

P.O. Vincent Lombardi,

P.O. Anthony Ruthkowski,

P.O. David Montanez,

P.O. Joseph DiMartino,

Det. Anthony Olivera,

P.O. Tyrone Huggins, and

P.O. Liana Palladino