Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Steven Fulop Launches #FixNJ Phase 1, Focusing on Transport and Infrastructure to Revitalize New Jersey


Fulop Unveils Phase 1 of #FixNJ Plan for New Jersey’s Restoration

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Mayor Steven Fulop, the Democratic candidate for Governor, has introduced the inaugural segment of the extensive #FixNJ plan, a far-reaching blueprint designed to revitalize New Jersey and reinstate it as the premier location for families in the nation. The #FixNJ plan consists of eight distinct phases and is set to span from 2023 to 2024, with each phase targeting specific policy initiatives to tackle the state’s most pressing challenges.

Fulop, who has served as Mayor in Jersey City, brings his proven leadership and accomplishments to the forefront of his campaign strategy. The comprehensive #FixNJ Plan encompasses key areas such as transportation, housing policy, taxes, education, government reform, health and human services, public safety, and sustainability.

The initial phase of the #FixNJ initiative, focusing on New Jersey’s transportation and infrastructure, has been formally unveiled. A detailed outline of the Fulop Transportation and Infrastructure Plan is available for download here

Expressing his dedication to the state’s future, Fulop remarked, “I have a young family and I love New Jersey, but I’m as concerned as anyone else about what our state will look like in 20 years if we aren’t thoughtful and willing to take bold steps. When I ran for mayor, I was very deliberate about how I would change the city for the better. It’s hard to argue we haven’t been successful in Jersey City, and voters made me the first three-term elected mayor here in more than 70 years because they see and feel the progress. Now I’m ready to bring that same leadership to New Jersey.”

Mayor Fulop’s Transportation and Infrastructure Plan encompasses a series of tangible proposals that align with his commitment to deliver a highly detailed policy agenda. These proposals are poised to significantly enhance the lives of countless New Jersey residents.

“Mobility and transportation access impact every New Jersey resident, whether they’re just starting their career and family or have retired and want to take full advantage of our state’s location and assets. Transportation is one of the most basic and essential building blocks of government, and it’s for that reason we are leading with our transportation plan today,” Fulop concluded.

Key highlights of Mayor Fulop’s plan include:

  • Establishing a dedicated funding source for NJ Transit by ensuring that the state’s largest corporations contribute proportionately
  • Expanding Congestion Pricing on motorists arriving from New York and directing revenue towards PATH and Light Rail enhancements
  • Transitioning PATH from Port Authority control to integration with NJ Transit for improved service and reliability
  • Implementing substantial reforms within the Port Authority and leveraging veto power for board minutes more assertively
  • Introducing On Demand Micro Transit systems in the state’s ten most densely populated regions
  • Redirecting state funding away from highway expansion and towards Light Rail and other mass transit initiatives
  • Enhancing Raritan Valley Line service to include Midtown Direct and one-seat ride options
  • Modernizing NJ Transit stations and expediting the sale of underutilized properties
  • Committing to full funding to finalize construction of the Hudson-Essex Greenway and Camden County LINK

Moreover, the plan addresses the comprehensive overhaul of the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, incorporating improved customer service, extended operating hours, an increased online presence, and streamlined transactions.

The #FixNJ initiative’s Phase 1 underscores Fulop’s commitment to reshaping New Jersey’s future by focusing on vital transportation and infrastructure improvements that stand to benefit all residents. This strategic approach paves the way for subsequent phases, each addressing essential facets of the state’s revival.