Former Hoboken Public Safety Director Angel Alicea says he turned down $5,000 cash from Solomon Dwek twice. Angel Alicea testified in Hudson County Superior Court that he met with Dwek, who identified himself as”David,” in a Union City diner on two occasions where he was offered $5,000 cash for Peter Cammarano’s political action committee. Alicea said the meetings were brief and he declined the cash both times.


  1. Well what do you know, it’s true Angel Alicea met with Solomon Dwek not once but twice. Not news to the Old Guard in Hoboken, they knew.

    So why didn’t Angel inform law enforcement. Oh he was in law enforcement so maybe he thought it didn’t count. Or did he think telling Joe Branco was enough?

    • So, what do you know. The Mayor’s husband, Stan Grossbard, also meet wi Dwek! You see it’s all smoking mirrors by your mayor Ace.