Former Mayor Sal Vega Goes Off on the Board of Ed, Mayor Roque and Governor Chris Christie

Vega received an standing ovation from the crowd before and after his speech. Thanks to Residents for a Better West New York for some of the footage.


  1. Long winded and lacking entirely in substance.

    Sounds just like Roque from the not so distant past.

    Here in North Hudson, we celebrate mediocrity.


  2. Didn’t he do the same when he tried to shove his appointees down
    our throats when he got kicked out of office

  3. Vega & Menendez perfect together the only balance they both had were there pockets Vega is the worst mayor any town could have he was a real JERK OFF & now out of the wood work” he wants to give a sermon please spare us & let us put on our boots before we choke on his B-S

    • Deep Thoughts by Sexual Harassment Sal

      The problem with Vega is that he doesn’t really like working for a living.

      Nice guy and all, but this isn’t a viable solution for WNY’s future.

  4. Sal Vega is just an opportunist. He did exactly the same when he was a mayor. Appointing his own people. Nothing has changed, only the names.

  5. It is time to give Vega another chance. He was much better than Roque is and is much better than any of the current Commissioners &/or possible candidates. VEGA 2015