Former Union City Mom Drowns In Florida But Saves Her 5-Year Old Daughter


Tragedy has struck the family of a former Union City mother, but thankfully a little girl has survived.  According to Jacksonville, Florida police, former Union City resident Kathy Parades, 35, drowned in a lake on Saturday, July 20th near her home when her Jeep flipped over and landed in the water as she was attempting to make a turn.

With the vehicle under water, Parades was somehow able to use her cell phone to call her husband Adam before she lost consciousness.

According to an article in the Florida Times-Union, Adam Paredes then contacted authorities who raced to the scene.  When they arrived, Kathy Paredes had already drowned, but miraculously, her five-year old daughter Amber who was also in the Jeep, was found alive.

Reports say the little girl was able to survive because she had been trapped in an air pocket.

A GoFundMe page has been established on behalf of Kathy Paredes by a Clifton, New Jersey man to help pay for Paredes’ memorial and funeral costs. In addition to her husband and daughter, Kathy Paredes is survived by her two-year old son, Adam, Jr.