Former West New York police director's $361,000 settlement released


It was one of his first orders of business when he took the job; Mayor Felix Roque cut loose the town’s police director.

That was after Al Bringa refused to resign, according to Bringa and Roque.

At the time, Roque said Bringa is not perceived as a good leader, but it was about saving the town $194,000 in salary and benefits.

According to, Bringa told Roque he would first need to have a conversation with the Police Department’s attorney.

Instead, that evening a letter of termination was delivered to Bringa by a town employee.

A 26-year veteran of the department, Bringa says the letter was posted around police headquarters, including the bathrooms.

“This could have been handled in a more respectful manner,” he says.

Roque says he knew nothing about the letter being posted.

The department does not have a police chief and Roque says he has no plans to name one.

Bringa was police director for 3 ½ years and Roque says two police captains, acting as co-deputy chief, would replace him.

The West New York Board of Commissioners approved a $361,000 settlement for a lawsuit between the town and Bringa at Wednesday’s meeting.

“My client and I are very pleased with the settlement and we are happy that we settled this amicably,” attorney Louis Zayas says. “It shows that the administration took a step in the right direction by resolving the first of many lawsuits filed again West New York for unlawful political retaliation.”

West New York spokesman Pablo Fonseca had no comment except to say, “It’s personal litigation that has been resolved.”


  1. How much more money will the taxpayers have to pay to settle all the lawsuits caused by this wacko lunatic control freak that passes himself off as a mayor? What a disgrace.