They fired multiple shots at the suspect as he fled, which led to a dangerous chain of events this summer that saw an innocent bystander getting kicked while engulfed in flames.

Now four Jersey City cops have been indicted for the June 4 police pursuit that started after they tried to stop that car near Ocean and Cator avenues.

The fleeing driver, Leo Pinkston crashed on Tonnelle Avenue when he tried to drive between two lanes of traffic.

Several blocks later, the 48-year-old crashed again, leading to a collision with a utility pole that caught fire and critically injured the second car’s male driver, Miguel Feliz.

Felix told the Jersey Journal at the time he saw his life flash before his eyes and still feels like he wakes up every night like he’s on fire.

”They broke my ribs,” he told the Journal. “I asked, ‘Why are you hitting me?’ I told the (EMT), ‘Can you tell the police to take off the handcuffs from me? Where am I going to go?'”

Cell phone video of the incident didn’t lie but the cops though Feliz was their guy. As he escaped from the fiery wreckage, the cops had all guns drawn, then beat the 28-year-old down before taking him into custody.

“Our admin at the time acted quickly/properly. The public trust is essential + we 
wouldn’t/didn’t tolerate this sort of conduct,” Mayor Steve Fulop tweeted Thursday.

According to Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez, the Hudson County Grand Jury’s indictment against Lieutenant Keith Ludwig, MD Khan, Eric Kosinski and Francisco Rodriguez includes numerous charges, ranging from aggravated assault to official misconduct.

Khan and Kosinski are also charged with attempted murder.

A Hudson County Grand Jury previously charged Pinkston with eluding, aggravated assault while eluding, aggravated assault and aggravated assault by auto.

The Jersey City man’s next pretrial court appearance is scheduled for December 11 in Hudson County Superior Court.